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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Attitude is everything within our lives, it says who we are, it shows how we think and look upon life, it gives others a clues as to the character we have and hold within us and above all it’s our “Shop Window” to the world. For those who meet us for the first time our attitude transcends even the clothes we wear as those are transient garments, but our attitude is a permanent fixture, even if we are two faced and many are, both faces are never etched in stone and we are always vulnerable to both faces being shattered by a crisis or the truth.

One thing for sure is that we don’t like people with bad attitudes, we steer clear of them and whether we admire them as people for what they have done or purported to have done we don’t want to get too close to them as it makes us feel uneasy and less restful. Bad attitudes “stink” and it follows that the negative emotions that tend to rule the roost and fuel bad attitudes have a deeper meaning in the character that the person holds. Anger, greed, avariciousness, jealousy, resentfulness, pride, arrogance, ego, etc all allude to a disharmony that shows itself to everyone around, even if at times the perpetrators of such emotions are blind to them, often coming from someone who has a lack of self esteem.

In business our positive attitude can work wonders, it elevate us, boost our potential, it can make us liked and popular, it can enhance our ability to communicate well and be far more efficient than those that just plod along seemingly doing a good job but in reality are stopping others from doing their jobs well because others haven’t a clue as to what the total picture holds. A positive attitude opens up doors, it gives a better clarity of direction and purpose, it keeps hope as the prime target to reach for even when all goes awry and trouble hits big time. It transcends the negative always seeking out potential and making the best of what’s available as opposed to seeing the negative side of events then losing sight of any way out. Positive attitude in business is success in a package all of its own.

In our personal lives a positive attitude keeps us healthy, it automatically enhances our immune system, it keeps our relationships on the level, it keeps love which is the key ingredient in life firmly where it ought to be right in front of the queue. It allows us to see with compassion the faults and failures of others without being super judgmental, it also allows us the see the bad and indifferent and keep well away. Positive people on average receive better help and opportunities than those who have bad ore negative attitudes and receive in abundance what they give out, a lowness of mind and life itself.

A positive attitude gives us a heightened status in the mind of others even if we can’t speak a common language, the mere actions and body language makes others want to help us as they feel they would wish to be helped if events happened to them in similar circumstances. The unsung and unwritten immediacy of positive attitudes rings loud and clear, and the human condition feels gratified and warm in such company. A positive attitude is not selfish either it exudes degrees of help and compassion without being a push-over or being taken advantage of, a positive attitude is everything to our lives. The fabulous aspect of a positive attitude if you yet haven’t got one and wonder why others always seem to be better off or more ebullient in life is that it’s FREE.  So if you are missing out, stop blaming life and everyone else in it, turn on the positive attitude switch (it’s the same as the negative attitude switch, just the opposite position) and watch life change for the better. But don’t kid yourself that you are positive then moan or sigh because that puts you firmly back on the “reset” course to where you were before, dull, lazy, selfish and not that nice a person…

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