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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The human form is full of functions some major some less so, they all have a tactical function, bodies are the same the world over yet some societies and cultures show what can happen when we abuse our human form because of pathetic outmoded and staid functionality based upon traditions and ancient hand me down protocols.  Especially so when you see some Eastern cultures mixing with Western cultures and their compatibility issues start to form barriers rather than be homogenised with a coherent and warm life interface. We have those debased politically correct nerds, life’s failures, who try to fix everything under the “one size fits all” banner but like oil and water no matter how hard you shake it, it still separates out.

Where smiling was once a pleasant past time making humans inter-relate to one another, showing degrees of humanity and camaraderie and showing also degrees of approachability should one need to be approached. But in today’s environment where many keep themselves to themselves there is an increase in the subject of mental health and instability and loneliness, and do you wonder? Who wants to associate with a glum and pathetic looking person, who appears transfixed in their own narrow world, who looks selfish and possibly angry, who looks like no one wants them and with reason too, who look suspicious because they are. Happiness is an issue today and there are even courses and books on the subject where people buy the books or attended the courses by sad people who by their own hand have lost the plot and think that there are secrets to happiness and life, the only secret is why they have turned themselves into morons.

Happy people smile readily even to those who look on in horror as if there’s a hidden plot afoot and Sculley off in a tizzy heart pounding that someone smiled at them.  Happy people see the bigger picture, they get more help more readily than those who are depressed or feign depressing stories, happy people are healthier too and don’t hold grudges because they have better things to do, whilst the dull and stupid haven’t anything better to do than to dwell on the little they have even though it’s all negative. Smiling produces confidence and trust and promotes a better ambiance all around, it gives a positive stance and even those who are in pain or discomfort that can smile do so because it elevates and heightens their inner self and whole life structure. The selfish wear glum looks on their face forever seeking sympathy because they are selfish and have very little human worth or ability to offer anyone unless there is something in it for themselves. 

The human condition is today changing, it’s facing new problems of global size and domestic differences that fluctuate from base line credibility to whatever or whoever raises the matter. But within all of this there are those the vast majority that just get on with life, that live to live and by and large enjoy it and know the value of intermingling and smiling at all and sundry because at the end of the day they know it makes them feel good. Life is a choice our actions do produce conditions and those conditions can subliminally make us ill, but those choices are ours and ours alone, we are not lonely, or cranky or unloved or isolated for nothing, life doesn’t seek us out we are part of the millions on the planet, what we create is what we create.

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