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Friday, September 10th, 2010

It’s important to be thankful even if it sounds on the outside something quite trivial and not very solid in as far as advancing the self, but it is actually the root of obtaining a degree of real happiness, purpose and solidity in moving forward. No matter who we are and what we possess we can all find something that’s not quite right or jars within us, but it’s when that feeling gets out of hand that we really get into trouble and it can become almost a repetitive subject seeking imperfections in life and thus not enjoying the ride. How we view life has a lot to do with our self esteem and our perspective on life and ourselves. Some people are almost always happy regardless of their circumstances and some are almost embittered and miserable not being able to let go and enjoy what is around them including others who they look upon with degrees of disdain. We may not have what we want in life, or maybe we feel we have fallen short of what we should have or had had in life at a certain point, but what we do have we need to be grateful for and thankful also. It’s both silly and foolhardy to compare ourselves with less fortunate people as it changes nothing, it’s just a topical comparison and serves no other purpose, even if we try to tell others how lucky they are compared to some. Similarly comparing what others have more than ourselves is but a comparison and doesn’t alter the position we are in either, so it will always throw out a negative difference then we start mentally equating why, how and all the other superfluous mind thoughts linked with age, ability, circumstances etc, etc, but that’s life and the more we think about such stuff the less we will move on to either achieve or obtain more for ourselves.

Mind talk is something we can control and if we don’t we are on a slippery road to nowhere. Lives are holistic and why some get ahead with seemingly little between their ears is just the way it transpires, it has nothing to do with our own plight, and as we know ‘fairness’ is neither a subject nor a topic as it has no base credentials and thus has no relevance at all. What does have relevance is what we are doing about moving on, and if we can’t put down a firm degree of being thankful as to where we are, and all that that entails then we will be climbing a very steep slope with no safety net. Being thankful can be applied to the friends we have, our health, what possessions we have, our knowledge, whatever it is to each individual, but if we are not thankful for those positive attributes we will start not to respect them and that will make us uneasy and eventually we will start to fall apart as life itself will seem not only fragile but chipped at the edges and ready to fall apart any moment. The road to where we need to be is at times veiled in mist and possibly fog, but never the less it’s still there, there is no reason why one must not travail the road ahead even with a foggy aspect, as long as we can move we need to keep onward moving. Once we stop that’s it, lethargy, tiredness and self lack takes over and if we aren’t that strong in our nature then we lose the lot. That’s the difference between those that make it on their own and those that make something but it’s because of others, decisions have to be made.

Being thankful gives us a degree of grace and strength,  it upholds without favour who we are and allows us to be lighter within our mind, it gives us a better purpose and it makes us want to do things for ourselves regardless of what those around us are doing or have achieved or got via whatever means. Being thankful stops jealousy in its tracks, it gives envy the cold shoulder and it stops endless wanton feelings for stuff which for the moment may be well out of our reach. Clarity of vision needs a clarity of presence otherwise everything becomes jumbled up in the mind and at times overtaken by emotions which hold no value to the deeds needed to be done to execute a positive way forward. Being thankful gives us a greater thought presence too, it stimulates the positive and the good side of ourselves which has a beneficial correspondence with others as feel we are more accessible and worthy of where we want to go. We need others in order to progress, we need others to respect us and feel that the reciprocation of friends and / work colleagues is genuine and not a short lives version of “what can I get out of them for my benefit”. Being thankful allows others to feel worthy of what they have done to help as they at times need similar help for whatever it is that’s of need at that time. We should never underestimate what we have within us and how it can affect us, if we are too headstrong then we ride roughshod over life and those in it and then we never ever get satisfaction mainly gross instability and a lack within.

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