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Saturday, July 17th, 2010

There’s a big fuss made about bereavement more than just losing a loved one, there’s a whole facade of pomp and flummery created and designed for effect, none of which has any significance whatsoever. It’s also easy when under emotional duress to coax people on and wallow in a part of their misery so that they become vulnerable by their own hand.

Whether you believe in God or not you are going to die, that’s for sure, so what you believe in is down to you. All the nonsense pertaining to respecting the dead is totally without foundation, and attending a funeral for someone you couldn’t be bothered to see whilst alive is absolute hypocrisy and pathetic. Life is for the living not the dead. Of course if you do believe then goodness knows what kind of man made rituals are put into place and effected for a fee by undertakers and priests, none of it is ever going to make the deceased come back nor give them better access to God. A funeral might make a good show and boost the ego and all of that but in the last minutes it’s all hollow, even if all those who attend loved the deceased it makes no difference to what’s happened. Priests have no more Godly powers or knowledge about the ‘after life’ than anyone else.

The pomp and circumstances that surround burials is also a load of old tosh, even though we have to be buried if only for the sake of hygiene reasons.  If our loved ones die in a fire, get drowned at sea, eaten by a lion, frozen to death climbing a mountain, etc, does it mean that because we didn’t give them a funeral they will never go to God? Of course it doesn’t. God and life is far bigger than our tiny little minds and those of organised religions whose sole purpose is to keep themselves afloat and whose reason detre is often no more than fighting amongst themselves and bickering about points of religion than being good and Godly people.

Where love exists and it does for most people if the deceased loved you then the last thing they would have wanted is for those who are left to carry on being miserable and morning endlessly, which many do. It’s a gross insult to the memory of the bereaved to dress in black and look like some pathetic and outcast person in society, and it’s a mockery of the years that one spent lovingly with the bereaved whilst they were alive. This  two face attitude perpetuated wildly by Middle Eastern religions, although not exclusively is not only debased it serves no other purpose than gross selfishness, all the wailing, berating, screaming and the like shows how useless the culture really is and why they never move on in life.

Granted, when a loved one dies, no matter who it is it does create a void within, there are things one would like to have said and done, dreams shattered, life changed, but this has nothing to do with God, this is purely logistical and emotional and all to do with the self. And for those who don’t believe in God, the atheists and agnostics and anyone else in between, just make the best of it whilst you are here because when you die that’s your lot.

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