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Monday, July 26th, 2010

Whoever we are communications are essential to our lives, without communications we are lost and miss out on not only life itself but the things which make us happy and keep our mind, body and soul together as well as friends and family too. There’s very little today that doesn’t need communications and the level of communicating is so far advanced that machines and functions are talking to one another, even some fridges today can tell you what’s out of date and when you need to re-order, and it’s becoming more and more interactive as the days go by. We are all different some people are gregarious others are somewhat reserved but whatever the status is we need to communicate effectively, and the word effective is the operative word for if we cannot make ourselves understood we are still lost. Saying what we mean isn’t the same as meaning what we say, often there’s no time for translations of thought or contradictions, you say one thing others pick up on it and that’s that.

Those that get on in life have the ability to speak in tones that others feel warmed to, if one speaks in  monosyllabic tones then others become somewhat uneasy that intelligence behind such a voice is limited and therefor keep away, which is often the case. Cultural differences can make in themselves a difference in acceptability of voice and whilst it’s getting less and less in today’s multi-cultural society the base line is intelligibility and confidence in what is being said is either accurate or will be carried out. Overseas call centres are one of the biggest gripes in most western societies, and the idiots that teach them, otherwise why would they say what they say like parrots.  

Communications in any large company or even small one are an essential element for many people rely on others input and knowledge for them to proceed and it’s not always the case that it’s all a common spread on a database, it’s not, much of what has to be said is originally generated by one human being therefore that knowledge needs to be shared by others to be effective. How many times have you left a message on the voicemail of a person in a company and they haven’t phoned back, and this action is never checked.

Global interfaces are forever active today, there are chains of commands that are relayed from strategic points to strategic points, there are statistics and demographic facts and figures and numerically crunched data that pinpoints who does what when where how and what age they are and anything else they can fast link to profile assess who’s who. The smooth running of our own lives requires that we know what we need to live and what we would like to enjoy life over and above the essentials, and what we need to do to keep our friends and family otherwise we will end up bereft of camaraderie and what humanity means to us and then we become mentally unstable, which is happening more and more.

Communicating is not just about saying what you want and calling it a day, we have a range of communicating facilities such as smiling, body language, how we dress, our positive attitude, our ability to be generous in some way, and so it goes on. The dull do nothing the happy do everything it’s the way it is and it’s the way you make it for yourself.  It’s all choices and characters, what’s your choice going to be is it linked to your character?    For More :-

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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

For us to lead an extraordinarily good life we have to communicate, it’s no longer good enough just brooding and wishing and hoping and wondering and making assessments of life we have to commune with others in order to make it of value and worthwhile. Whether we are wealthy or poor the quality of life and our stability is down to how we live it not circumstances even though at times they weigh heavily upon us, but they are by and large transient unless we keep reinventing them or regurgitating them because we have little else to do. As people, the human condition requires contact with others for without it we go to pieces and find life a burden from which some actually never recover having allowed themselves to drop to the bottom of the ocean where the detritus lives.

The levels at which we communicate are somewhat dependent upon our character, some people are naturally flamboyant others quite dowdy and those in between try and do their best even if some haven’t a clue yet still try and make an effort. But communicating is something that’s essential and we tend naturally to communicate with those who are on our level, at times we venture out of that zone and similarly others do as we see aspects of others that excite us or give us degrees of interest, but mostly we stick to what makes us feel good and secure. There are those who will talk to anyone such is their nature and those that will latch on to others in the hope that they can use them as a conduit to get more out of life for their own selfish desires.

Communicating with others, wearing a smile, being of a happy disposition, being uplifting, not being judgmental if someone displays a trait that’s against yours or your ethos, all these little things make a difference to being accepted and to enjoying life, all these things are a reflection of our makeup and how life treats us. We can all have fixed views on life and we are all entitled to our opinions too, but where we let such things rule the roost is where we become unstuck and indeed somewhat haughty too, when that haughty attitude takes a hold life will be permanently against us. We can have our religious convictions in life and most are reasonably good, but when that forms intolerance or blatant outlandish displays it really gets everyone around annoyed and again that reduces the inter-communicational activities regarding the general populous.

If we feel too grand or aloof to talk to some or others too demanding or not the sort of person we would wish to talk to and forever keep on assimilating whose who and striking them off of our ‘OK’ list then eventually we will reduce our overall ability to talk to anyone and cut off what creative potential and knowledge we gleam from talking to others, even if at times we have to put on a brave face.  Work requires that we communicate not only to make what we do work more effective but to raise the camaraderie and ambiance of the work atmosphere which has a profound effect upon work done and the quality of such work. When life takes a tumble our best friend is our ability to communicate, and communicate well with a smile even if we are hiding the weight of the world within. We do give off vibes which others pick up and when many have their own problems to deal with they don’t want to pick up those of others especially if they have little ability to help other than just listen, but not constantly.

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