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Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Myth, humbug, diatribe, lies, deceit, subversion, outmoded ideas, pompous subservience are part of what makes much of man made religions totally unworkable in today’s society. Living on past miracles isn’t enough for people to get through today, real help for honest down to earth people is needed that can make a difference and not hide behind banter of bygone ages is what is needed. A living God is a god that serves living people, and much of the religious leaders don’t live in a world where anything good happens, they live in a bygone world of the dead and expect all and sundry to dance to their ill gotten tunes, God is pure love, compassionate and forgiving and merciful, all things which man isn’t, or is not capable of being. God is not two faced nor has hidden agendas which man has and the one and only credential for getting in touch with God is love. The higher the love factor the higher one gets in life and the better life becomes, which is why many spiritual leaders never make the grade other than by placing themselves there and being surrounded by their minions, cronies and similar failures too.

God loves you whether you are a prostitute, a mass murderer, drug addict, homosexual, Muslim terrorist, lawyer or a banker of today’s ilk, he makes no discrimination against who, what, where, etc as we are all his children, love is equally given out. As for atoning of our sins that’s a different matter but love is not affected. If you have a son or daughter in prison for some heinous crime, you may be disappointed and upset but your love should never the less be there for real love is unconditional, something that Muslims can’t understand especially with freedom and unconditional love. Within organised religions that is religions made up by man himself, no one created God, but man created religions hence there are so many versions and varieties over 35,000 registered globally to date, there is almost a totally lack of belief, only lip service and hollow pious and pomp but definitely no love involved. To commune with God all boring stuff for atheists and agnostics, one must have love as love produces belief, belief is what gives our minds ability and raises our consciousness to level above conditional thought and thus opens it up to almost superhuman abilities that most people never ever access in their entire life.

God unlike religions and religious leaders is there 24/7, no conditions no strings, the illiterate, the dumb, the lost the shipwrecked, etc have access wherever they are, and there’s always an answer on the first ring, no music on hold or gatekeepers at the switchboard, no Visa or Mastercard or Amex numbers, you just get straight through. No call centres, web address, advertisements, alternative numbers, no call selections, just one number and never a problem about low batteries, the line’s always there fully powered.  No matter how much we know about how a car works or we don’t know, either option still allows us to drive it, and similarly with scriptures, even if we are illiterate providing we have love within coming from a good place God is there awaiting your call. You can talk to the MD (God) anytime you like, you don’t need an appointment with the office boy hearing about their more self important problems and when they can get their act together.

Religion is a business today,  it’s lost its way, and if one looks at the spiritual leaders (almost verging on trade description default) none of them have any kudos or sparkle or brilliance or shine out, they are all dowdy, dull, nondescript, unresponsive, passive, weak, and have nothing to do with a living God but more advocates of death to come. But as a child of God you have everything you want, you don’t need anyone to assist you to commune only love in your heart, so if you start your conversation with God whinging and moaning and wanting and asking and complaing and then don’t get a reply, don’t worry God’s still there it’s just you being your usual selfish self centred self without the “Love Of God” and that’s caused the number to fail. Redial and this time omit the “all about me” and put love as number one and the call will go through. Next please…..     For more  :-

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