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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

In the West we tend today to live in a multi-cultural society, that is the endemic population is co-living with immigrants from usually lesser areas of the world who are seeking fame and fortune and hopefully a better life than from whence they came. These places from whence they care are predominantly third world countries and are either perpetual failures, badly run, almost totally corrupt, religiously controlled, outmoded conditions, or just so far removed from a Western Society mentally for whatever reason that basically they don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of ever making the grade, despite what’s being done by outside forces again from the west. The modern “politically correct” edict is that different cultures enhance our own, but where this notion came from is alien as it’s often the cultures from where these people resided that has held them back for centuries. Old traditions modified over time forms a culture that because no one has had the guts or brains to brake free from they have never gone forward, hence they left and entered the West the land of milk and honey and welfare.

It’s true we go on holiday to far off lands on our super jumbos, full of inoculations and tablets and insurance to experience the foods (yummy) and the cultures (interesting) and the way’s of life (do people really live like that) and so on. Where our gin & tonics at the hotel cost a weeks wage, it’s all fascinating stuff, grossly educational and it broadens the mind and our thoughts on life, similarly it enhances our notions on design, fashion, taste, and all the rest we subliminally pick up upon. But once in the West do we really want the legacy of nations that imposes forced marriages, honour killings, family emotional blackmail, make women second class citizens, do we really want traditions from others countries to live on in non compatible mode? If we put an old programme in our comuters it wouln’t work because the environment in which its placed has moven on, its evolved, yet we expect this of alien traditions. It’s nice to see the old colourful carnivals and foods brought out, but much more than that it’s all redundant to life and the way its lived today. It’s often the old family members that keep traditions alive yet in the countries from whence they came life has moved on and in some cases quite substantially. Western society has grown rightly or wrongly by the way it’s homogenised life and utilised technology, and yes it produces problems en-route, but life overcomes such it’s called evolution and every generation seemingly faces such growing pains, which viewed through the eyes of history are nothing in the grand order of life. Narrow mindedness of the moment, fear and indeed bigotry are not uncommon for the dull and pathetic who resist change yet at the same time want to embrace new benefits.

Weak governments, insipid politicians, pathetic council workers all too willing to be seen as politically expedient in bending over backwards and being British get shafted in the process by avaricious and greedy individuals who demand their rights at the expense of society itself. Anarchy from without, hemorrhaging from within, gross and indecent unfairness to those whose families have spent generations building up life in their own country for it to be abused and in areas reduced to third world status or even ghettos. Of course we have a breed of politically correct people who contribute nothing to life nor anything else, lost, useless, unstable, unloved and lacking any decent relationship both with anyone significant as well as life itself. And who do we look upon to bring life into focus, for if there is someone in the house will they stand up?

Culture is just that, it’s a culture and it may well be OK to reenact something that links to the past, but let’s not forget where and what society demands that holds all those alien and often backward philosophies that then people cry out racist, prejudice and anything else they can throw on the band waggon to try and get something for nothing. We all need to work together, and it’s OK to celebrate differences, but there is a thing called unity, and unity is the most important aspect of it all for without unity there is no peace, no cohesion, nothing. Schools all celebrate the different languages and foods and cultures, but what is everyone a part of? What brings them together to a common proudness, a togetherness, a oneness, nothing really all they can see if their lot, and the lots of dozens of others lots too, there’s no commonality anywhere and this is what is being taught. Social unrest is part of diversity, diversity is like cancer cells that keep on being diverse until it’s too late the host dies a painful death. Yet short termism and political views believing like the politically correct outcasts that one size fits all, it doesn’t and it never will. But there is a half way house, but only the sure, the brave and the wise know that route. Cultural identity outside of its environment with almost alien circumstances surrounding it raises conflicts more than it does comfort and stability. Family emotional issues are raised too often producing loggerheads about what culturally should be done but not compatible with what both circumstances and environment dictate.

There’s a fear by many of treading on other cultures, but noone should fear anything of the sort, anything good stands up to its own tests,  those that cry and make noises are frightened that if their identity goes they will have nothing left, which what it boils down to is that they have already no unity within themselves and death is an almost impending credential of outcast unity. Those younger people who break free make the grade but even religions like Islam nearly always produces societies and followers lacking behind, giving little to life, and this is even born out by the UN. Holding on to hollow edits and fear is tantamount to sounding ones own plight in life.

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