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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

The more we move forward in life the more we disengage from the past as the past becomes a subject all of its own and thus few choose to engage with it, we then get a dichotomy of people, those ‘that know’ and those that ‘don’t know’, and within these two lies an intelligence that gives people to ability to proceed in life or to be held back by their own hand. Many young people are educated to a reasonably high standard, yet at the same time are sadly lacking in communicational abilities because they communicate via the internet or SMS messages and not in a predominantly face to face situation which requires different skills. Also most haven’t a clue where foods come from in the supermarkets or what the names of trees, flowers, vegetables etc are called. IT nerds they may be but what they live on is all but a mixture of technology and immaturity and to many young people -especially in the inner cities -are not interested in where many things come from as supermarkets and the like are there to provide, so why bother. Parents aren’t much better, just see the many neurotic houswives frantically looking at “sell by” or “best before dates” or indeed ingredient lists as if a single slip up at that point in life would terminate the family over night. Family units are now not only becoming neurotic and ignorant regarding basic life skills, but in the process are ‘losing the plot’ as to seeing life with a better future it’s all turning into an endless struggle rather than a journey of enjoyment together, and not being forever on the verge of being shipwrecked because of changing circumstances, which regardless of their nature they always come through. It’s however, “how they come through” muddling through that makes the difference between a dysfunction and ignorant family (which there always will be some) and one which is joyous, loving and supportive come hell or high water.

It’s not imperative to know where basics in life come from, and one can get along knowing basically only the essentials to provide minimum support, but the knowledge ability of those that break boundaries and see future events and situations always have a high degree of where and how even if it’s at the other end of their spectrum of thought.  Intelligence reigns where the bigger picture is part of the solution, ignorance reigns where nothingness exists other than the self, and more and more people are residing in the self, and as such rely on those ‘that know’ to carry them forward. One may have the lastest Wii, mobile phone with sat-nav and goodness knows what digital capacity, a home 3D multi surround sound system, and the state of the art home security and functionality such as turning lights on and off and closing the curtains, and everything else that goes with the package. But within these electro mechanically developed assetts, we have to personally live and have a reasonable amount of happiness, joy, love, understanding, the feel to be needed, wanted, to love and to have faith in fellow man, for without these humanistic traits we become drones ourselves and mental problems loom large almost immediately. Mental health is already the fastest growing problem area in the Western World and it’s nothing to do with clinical issues, it’s all conjured up within our own mind and fabricated by ourselves, and more often than not nurtured from within too.

The words “issues” and “political correctness” are cropping up more and more and the level of competency in local councils is at an all time low and even questionable by the stupidity of their nit picking which only emenates from the lack of quality people and debased ‘mind sets’. Designer driven, “I’m doing this for me”, “I need my space” are really phrases that are not required if one is in charge of their lives and understands others and their part in our lives, it’s this lack of who “we are” which many display that shouldn’t exist. Many often feel somewhat lowly or bombastic in trying to assert what they want when really no one is that bothered either way as to what they do or don’t do. Engaging with life doesn’t mean having to be a part of all of it all the time, nor knowing everything, it’s understanding yourself because if you don’t no one else will and then that’s when problems really start. The information that is being pumped out into the market today is such that if we absorbe it we will become derailed pretty quickly, so it’s apportioning it all on a level that means enough for us to consider and make informed choices, not interact with our emotions to get depressed or anxious or anything else. Many people disengage with life by default, they suddenly see life as something larger than they had anticipated or realised and feel not only vulnerable but helpless and impotent to literally do anything of worth or value or even contribute to it, as their contribution from their point of view would be insignificant. All this whilst having an element of truth in it is when it comes down to the individual hogwash, and this readressing of self worth is paramount in order to suiatain stability and happiness purpose and the “I know who I am factor”.

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