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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

We all have emotions, it’s part of the human condition, it’s what makes us sentient human beings, it’s what gives us the degrees of humanity, it’s what makes us interact with one another, it’s what and how we look upon life and apportion degrees of compassion and understanding, and it’s what we hopefully interlace with our logic too for if we don’t mayhem ensues. Our emotions are what Hollywood is built upon, it’s how we view our partners, it’s how we view life and form opinions, it’s what makes us tick. But like everything in life there are two sides, and often the flip side is not quite as Rosy as we would care to think. The positive side of our emotions is love, happiness, kindness, gratitude, gracefulness, humility, compassion, selflessness, etc. The negative side is greed, ego, pride, jealousy, avariciousness, anger, hate, etc, etc, all stuff we are familiar with and unfortunately all too often showing in religions.

As individuals we are all different, some are quite perfused with how they represent themselves in life, others quite reticent, others flamboyant but empty and others somewhat dowdy but full of warmth and goodness, our outward and inward appearances can be so deceptive. How we deal with situations in life makes a world of difference in how they come about to a positive and amicable conclusion. Similarly today there is a defined lack of statesmanship in the realms of politicians and how they come across in life and how they prove their value, sadly it’s often lacking. There are races that when anything happens get emotionally charged in an instant causing even more mayhem. And there are those that look coolly upon the whole events see the bigger picture and then apportion the best or correct way to resolve whatever has happened. The difference between these two areas is enormous and thus it’s vitally important that when things do go wrong the right people can cope. It’s easy for everyone to cope when life is going well, the litmus test comes into place the moment it doesn’t, and it shows immediately.

Our emotions can make or break whom we are, we can apportion”emotional blackmail” upon others and make then feel bad, some women can start crying at the drop of a hat to try and get their way by feigning tears to gain sympathy so they can win their cause, but this represents low life people and those who are not very nice, and often unstable too. There are those who are forever moody which represents a selfish streak  within and sometimes one in which they reside regularly feeding on the negative adrenalin rush within. There are those who are permanently selfish always seeing what they can get back by giving or not even going that far, by not giving there is no need for reciprocation and so it goes on.

We represent our characters daily by our actions, our attitude, our lightness or heaviness and by the way we interact. We may not think so but just about everyone who knows us will have a defined opinion of who we are not from a purely subjective point of view but from a realistic point of view and one which they have experienced. Emotions are essential to life, but so is logic, and it’s always prudent to look at the bigger picture that way it averts panic and irrational thoughts, even for those who almost always pass over responsibility to others. 

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