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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

We all have ideas about how life should be and we now too the difference between that expectation and how it really is, for most of us we realise that difference make allowances and enjoy what we have and move on. Sometimes those differences are too large to ignore and throw the subject matter into a quandary whereby we have to take remedial action or literally drop whatever it is because it’s no where near how we would like it to be or can acceptably cope with. The list of expectations is often quite large and ranges from the minuscule to the grand, often both residing almost next to each other. We expect all our groceries we buy at the supermarket to be in tip top condition and when they are not we feel very much let down, especially if that value has been discovered at home many miles away from where we bought it, regardless of the value we really feel the lost of value and being cheated out of our money.

We have expectations for ourselves and at times these can be very fluid, we have expectations for our friends and family amd there are tempered somewhat by the fact that we know their traits or failures so allowances are made accordingly. Then there are the expectations of those we don’t know which includes those we meet in every day life just through us being out and about. There are the intermediary expectations that we place upon our doctors, dentists, refuse collectors, local council, government, Internet supplier, appliance manufacturer, etc, so it’s quite a varied and long list of things that we expect to function and reliably too just in what we do every day.

Then we have the “ethereal” expectations those that others place upon us over and above the normality of life and decency itself, those that parents may have for their children, those that we place on companies, our banks that dream up charges over and above proportionl costs, those our employers have on us, those our friends have on us, those we have on our friends, those that we place upon ourselves which at times have few solid foundations or bearings. It’s these that if we are not careful are absorbed by the self and cause us to fail by default or live a life based upon what others think as opposed to how we think and deem is expedient for our lives and importantly the best way we can cope. We can in short create a failure scenario where in deed failure is not in evidence it’s just a mind set, we can create a feeling of under achieving where it’s quite the opposite, we can manufacture gross negative situations in life just based upon what others think or feel for themselves which is not only selfish it’s really quite narrow and inhuman too. Much suffering is caused by the imposition of pure thought over and above degrees of reality just to appease the self.

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