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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

The incidence of company or indeed private expenses being fudged or incorporating items of value that are either out of one’s remit or borderline is becoming more frequent. It’s not helped by those that travel frequently by the current trend of “unbundling” where once one fee paid for a whole multitude of product services now it’s all a la carte and very messy in some cases. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, why is it that even very well paid executives overstep the mark by a few miles in the honesty stakes and why is it that those further down the line do similar things but on a lesser scale. One of the main reasons for this is that trust at the top of the pyramid hardly exists, many directors are in it for what they can get as soon as is possible and are invariably greedy too, liking what they are getting to competitors and trying to make the difference up elsewhere, suddenly believing that are underpaid for what they do. The bottom line being if they died overnight the company would well survive without them.

Many companies breed deceit which emanates from within, it’s not even the fact that those at the bottom of the company resent those at the top as there has always been an “us” and “them” attitude and it’s understood that seniority gets a larger share of the cake, even those at the top that are useless and almost bring down the company such as in banking in recent cases. It’s the little things that are showing up all around and like in many television stations the staff can see for themselves the empires that some create and uphold and abuse the costs, expenditures and blatent aspects of what they deem to be essential but in the light of day could well have been totally avoided.

The costs of companies and those that control them are going to great lengths today with the major banks and credit card companies to control and itemise every single cost, something that’s alien to lawyers bills, the need for greater staff satisfaction is only one which will eliminate or greatly reduce the ‘puffing’ up of expenses or the use of none essential travel or items. If you keep hitting someone and then supply the plasters it’s far easier to stop hitting them then there would be no need for the plasters, yet the ideology that companies seek to achieve needs to come from the top and be adhered to stringently for any remedial action to work proficiently and thus reduce excessive management costs in trying to eliminate extraneous costs, it’s all so self defeating.

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