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Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Firstly and fore-mostly there is no merit to guilt whatsoever, whether the deed you did was terrible even if it was at the time grossly vindictive, being guilty will not help rectify the past one little bit, even if those sad and two faced judgmental people around you want you to feel guilty, it’s only for their insipid pleasure nothing more. It’s difficult to overcome at times guilt, especially if what you did affected loved ones or friends, but saying sorry from the heart should be accepted by those that mean something to you, and if it’s not accepted then they aren’t that much better themselves as people. There are two sides to every coin and there are two sides to our actions whatever the reason for them.

Guilt can tear us up, it can tear us apart, it can ruin our  lives and it can cause a great deal of mental instability as well as physical harm to our whole system.  Guilt stops us seeing the way forward and harbours many other negative traits that can appear larger than what they are. Guilt can makes us see elements in life which are not quite what they appear to be, read into things aspects that are not suggested, feel personal slights by others general quips and notions even in  jest, in short our mind goes into hyper mode and we start to create a reality that’s on a level that only we can access.

There are those that try to create guilt or repeat events of the past to try and induce or keep going guilt whether it’s potential or real in others, which is not only cruel but spiteful and shows a debased mentality by the instigator, yet it’s not uncommon and it happens in families and family feuds are made of this stuff. Of course real love where present precludes being bitchy, harassing, spiteful and all the rest because it wouldn’t be the love walk if that all existed. And whilst we many touch upon notions that come into our minds, after all we can’t just eradicate past thoughts, in our complexity of mind assimilation’s of life, who we are and how we are as human beings, we should negate all traces of regurgitating the negative aspects of the past otherwise we will drag ourselves into it by default, once that happens we are no better than what we are dragging up from the past ourselves. It’s not smart and if by dragging the past up gives you a buzz – as it can for some, then you are the real big time losers in life. Guilt is part of the negative emotions complex, none of them serve any purpose whatsoever other than what we ourselves implement for negative reasons. Moving forward means letting go, letting go means leaving negativity where it belongs in the past. No excuses accepted even by the self perpetuated and selfish, repeat NO EXCUSES.

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