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Saturday, July 17th, 2010

There’s everything to be said about happiness, without happiness life just drags on and on and on and on and day turns into night which turns into day, and so it goes on, you get the picture. Happiness fortunately for most people isn’t an issue it’s something they take for granted, and they accept too that at times in their lives that “happy” feeling is in short supply because of endemic circumstances and events no matter what they are, it happens to us all from time to time. But for some happiness is a real issue, they think that there is somewhere along the way a solution to finding happiness or that someone somewhere knows the secret or has the formulae. It’s both a sad reflection and an indictment about them that they are the prime and secondary cause of their own misery and unhappiness and always have been.

Happiness is something that always resides within us, it’s always there and always will be, whether we access it or charge our mind with positivity to make it all come alive is another story.  One can almost see sad people not that they always wear a glum expression as some hide that well from public gaze, but their overall stance and demeanour and conversational attitude doesn’t set the world on fire and often one thinks “why did they say that” as it smacks of both dullness and negativity. Sad and unhappy people are often selectively mean in many ways and always have an outlook that is rather stilted almost not giving others the option of goodness or success and thus pre-empting events with convoluted thoughts that lead nowhere.

There are today would you believe it courses on being happy, even magazines giving instructions from half deranged psycho -whatever’s on being happy, just think of psycho-whatever’s as giving help to be happy, it’s almost like inviting Dracula for your best friend, bite my neck now and let’s get it over with. There’s a commercial aspect to everything today, and there are the suckers who a just so gullible they jump at every opportunity to enhance their pathetic lives rather than just get to grips with who they are themselves. If you can’t be happy don’t expect someone else to be able to give happiness to you when its under your own control.  

Without happiness we are subject to all different forces of negativity including those evil forces exuded by the man made religions that foster guilt, hatred, fear, unrest, retribution, etc, and all the rest. We are vulnerable from even ourselves as well as others and we become very sensitive towards all aspects of life like taking offence and getting upset where none of that need apply whatsoever. We must be in charge of our lives and never ever farm it out or give control of any aspect of it to others or their stories of how some cretin can make your life wonderful by exchanging half your wealth (or even all of it) via a credit card. If what they were offering was that good it would be a global success and not just a success in raising money from the fickle and useless who are too lazy to do anything for themselves. 

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