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Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Our opinions of ourselves are at times quite “economical” with the reality of who we really are, we know our faults some of which we openly admit to, others we keep schtum about as it says too much of our possible failings and possible lack of knowledge in areas where we think we should know more. We are not unique in this respect as everyone has such thoughts even the blase arrogant and egotists, it’s just that they make more of an internal issue of it all such is the fickleness of their self esteem. We like to think we are observant, yet when it comes to recalling something we often struggle with the details, although we all too have a penchant for picking up obscure things as those for some reasons of our character register more than others. If we are car drivers we tend to notice cars more than those that don’t drive, if we like cooking we register foods more than those who live on “boil in the bag” or take away pizza, and if we like gardening we register the flora and fauna more that most others, and so it goes on, whatever we are interested in or have a liking such as in fashion, shoes, whatever we pick them out a mile before anyone else even registers them. Similarly if we tell someone that this year there are more red cars on the road than ever before they suddenly start to notice them, whether they are drivers or not. It’s this unlocking of the mind and seeing the entire picture that frees us up quite a lot from the mundanity and narrowness of our own selves.  It can be quite revelatory in that one feels that all of a sudden they have gained an insight into an aspect of life that was previously closed or shut out, but of course it’s nothing of the sort, it’s only what it is and unless one changes one’s “mind set” the dull dowdy old self will continue in the background missing out much of life’s aspects because of enriched monotonusness of the past.

There’s nothing in context with having had ones eyes opened that’s spiritual, or synchronistic or even aspected with underlying serendipity either, although there are possibilities of all these being in evidence, but on average unless one looks at life from where it is and not where the “I think”, “I know” “I don’t like” “this is wrong” “that shouldn’t happen” “they can’t do this” and so on then you become no better than some religious bimbo hell bent on your own version of Godliness which is mean, selfish, self centred, narrow, bigoted, alien, stupid, and above all does more harm than purports to be good. The self can really fool itself though shades of inability and staid concepts that cling like barnacles to the mind refusing to go away until colonies of the stuff drench and slow down forward movement and progress. Ignorance is a great threat to mankind, yet it’s mankind that allows ignorance to grow and indeed waters it with ripe nutrients to the extent they omit to see anything else other than what rests within their own minds. Like wine and food tasting can open up realms of taste and excitement that enhances eating and drinking and even promotes degrees of ‘stepping out’ to try new foods and drink elevating one’s past dull existence. But to those whose staple diet is chips with everything it’s all too weird and stepping into the unpleasant unknown and actually educating themselves is wildly alien and tantamount to torture, as the mind has made up well before that whatever they eat is going to be nasty.

Quite often managers and even directors in companies and especially in finance can have this blase attitude of having tasted the good things of life that they believe that certain aspects of such cannot be changed, but experience at times hinders rather than helps new blood to step way out and create what age has rounded off the excitement of breaking news or technology or traditional areas of protocol. Eventually the old fogies who once did great things but who are now mere spectators or advises move in and out of modern consciousness with what was, what is and what could be and are lost as to going forward as even at their age it frightens them, it’s a new level that they have no grasp on nor more importantly foresight on even though they will argue until their blood pressure soars and their ulcers play up that it’s all wrong. Most visionaries and entrepreneurs and the like can see the picture they are looking at, it’s what excites them and to a large extend make the journey somewhat different to that of everyone else’s who relies on what the media says to form opinions because they generally don’t think that much themselves. It’s frustrating to see ordinary and good people living below what they could be achieving because they “give in” to outside statements, they thus mould their lives in comparison and then by default see less and less until something hits home or hurts them somehow, and then they take notice. A life being pro-active is far better than being retroactive but established mind values and dull families breed what they breed and if individuals are not taught to look beyond their front door then they reap what they sow.

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