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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

How we get on in life is crucial to how we enjoy life, our attitude is everything to enjoyment no matter what our circumstances. We can have little and be happy  or a lot and not be happy, only we can be happy for ourselves, everything we ever do lives within our minds, our past, the present and tomorrow where we will be stepping into it. Nobody can be happy for us, even if they are happy because we are happy, it’s only us that can feel and experience our own happiness. But how we interact with life is a combination of who we are, our attitude and what our perceptions are at the same time. We can always come across seemingly difficult people but our reaction to same is critical in how we deal with them and move forward. Some people are naturally obtrusive, some are very easy going and others well it depends upon how they feel such is their pathetic fickleness. But unless we are of open mind and spirit we are going to be our own worst enemy, forever getting upset and peeved about how others or situations are as opposed to how we would like them. Over 98% of people we ever meet are not important to us and then there are degrees of importance in the final two percent, so instead of letting ego, anger, greed, jealousy, arrogance, avariciousness etc come to the for and allow our emotions to speak rather than our logic then we will always disadvantage ourselves, and fall short of what we deserve or aspire to in life. Everyone is different and those that get on in life will do so because they “think” about situations and console themselves that their brain functions properly and that their “self esteem” is in tact too, for if it isn’t we will always be at loggerheads with life and everyone in it. 

Our “love walk” in life is crucial, and by our “love walk” it’s that part of us that ‘sees’ life for what it is even if we disagree or don’t like or condemn aspects of it. We don’t take prisoners nor captives, we don’t harbour evilness and we see the best as far as we can in others and understand those that can’t or don’t do any of those things and just go through life as if in a permanent muddle. Being positive in mind opens up our thought process to unlimited and varied aspects of positivity and opportunities, it lifts the fog of mayhem and  allows us to see beyond. Those with a negative heart dwell solely on the problems not the solutions and their lies a big difference and ability to both enjoy life and be happy. The downtrodden get little help yet those with a good attitude get far more help, people like to help people but not the disgruntled nor the foul mouthed nor the lazy and those steeped in attitudes that aren’t conducive to a good life. Communing with fellow man is part of the human condition and as such we need to place a great deal of importance upon it all.

Loving difficult people is placing the self in a position where one is emotionally cushioned from their negativity, so if one has to interact and take instruction it’s met with least resistance and least degree of contact. We all have something to bear in life and at times that becomes apparent when meeting with others or those we don’t like, but it doesn’t comprise of making a scene out of it or becoming disgruntled. Playacting or playing the “put upon” role only highlights that you are in fact useless and ego lead, it also tells others to keep away as you are not that nice and possible unstable too, which causers embarrassment to others, and no-one likes that. Moving on, getting over what we have had to deal with, putting it where it belongs in the past and moving to pastures and opportunities that have something both real and tangible to offer. Idle and repetitive conversations gets you nowhere so it’s imperative that thoughts pertaining to the future are not bogged down or weighted with past events otherwise life will be sluggish and banal.

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