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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Most of us like illusionists, we know it’s all trickery, but we like to be tricked in a nice way so that it gives us that “wow” factor feeling and the usual response that follows of “How did they do that”? It’s fun and it’s harmless, and it’s above all very entertaining, the slight of the hand, the misdirection of the eye, the redirection of glances and lots of mechanical trickery that eludes us as we gaze forward thinging we are going to spot how its done, yet we don’t. We don’t mind failing because we then believe that what was done is just so good that it deserves to be what it is, and all the best to the illusionist who game plays the act every day or twice at weekends. The feeling that a group of people see the illusion together and all are taken back brings on a shared commonality even with people you don’t even know, it brings if only for a moment a shared smile and a mutual understanding in all those smiles that what everyone has seen was good. In life things can be just so different, the smile that one person has is because they are of a pleasant disposition and always smiles, it’s their second nature and it reflects their personality even when they are faced with not so nice things they remain smiling. Then there is the person who smiles because they’ve just been privvy to a joke or something funny with a friend or colleage or are taking the ‘micky’ out of a mutual friend and it brings up a whole batch of stuff which is shared and comical. Then there is the person who smiles but has little if anything to smile about, the person whose world has almost come to an end emotionally because of the internal pressures that they are facing, and the only way they can get through each day is to smile because in doing so others reciprocate and that brightens up life and promotes a degree of that “feel good” factor, and in that state every little helps. We are not only illusionists ourselves we are masters of divisive content that we, like chameleons can change colour or stance depending on our surroundings.

The ambiguity of smiling can reflect or cover up a whole menagerie of things that are not only unknown to the onlooker but can be quite deceptive too, we assume therefore we react in a certain way, quite understandable yet so often we make mistakes based upon assumptions without knowing what it is we are really seeing. Whilst it’s good to smile at all times even at funerals, there are times where being expressive can allow us to be the person we are and allow our feelings to show through. For some however they constantly allow how they feel to show through, which is not as one would expect being totally true to yourself, it reflects a more sinister “I don’t care about anyone else” attitude and that they are not only selfish, their thoughts being, “all about me”, such people are a nusance and can’t be trusted as they are temperamental. We all have somewhere stashed in our minds an emotion that’s called humility, it’s becoming rather rare today, never the less like precious stones it has its place and it’s picked up by others as a gesture of an elevated form and distinction, if it isn’t then who are you talking to? Humility allows us to take the grace and comprehension of others and allow them to be who or what they are at face value without judging or trying to fathon out any hidden or alternative meanings, it furthermore allows the initial impact to allow the real truth surface, without us losing our cool, or without us being astounded or dumbfounded at how wrong we were. We were wrong because we assumed rather than awaited further information before building our picture of what we think, which could be a million miles away from what it really is.   

Smugness is not a positive attribute but showing a genuiness about yourself and those around you is appaudible, it gives rise to a heightened understanding and sees through the detritus of life, it breaks barriers, it percolates the the contorted aspects of others lives into a more simplistic undestanding and it stops the negativity of others rubbing off, it’s a none-stick coating the permeates one way and stops the dross getting through the other. People who smile nearly always get better treatment or are approached more often or get access more quickly because it resonates with those other human beings who can associate with the feeling and what it stands for. The irony is that people who can smile and who don’t need help are still more likely to be asked over and above those who really do need help because of the negativity that the latter subliminally put out which is over and above the help and assistance that they seek. The unsmiling are often complex and lazy and self centred and arrogant and mean and have some degree of ego problem or that things are unfair etc. Life is not fair, there’s nothing written in law or life itself that things need to be or are fair, fairness is what man attributes to himself, and it’s upheld by individuals in a collective called society, the unsmiling see it as a one way venture and thus are always at loggerheads with society. We can’t help how we look, and beauty denotes nothing other than a look, the real beauty of somone is from within not via the outer shell. It’s what’s within that element that comes from the brain that makes life what it is. It may be that if life isn’t what it is to our way of thinking, but it could just be you you who needs to shape up and smell the coffee.

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