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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The power of thought, reality, circumstances and life itself can at times all meld into a “oneness” that throws us off key. It can decimate logical thought and take a hold of our  perceptions to an extent that we lose track of what’s what and reality is from there on an illusion of the self and then anything can happen. Our minds once let loose can go in any direction it likes and the trouble with this is that we lose largely stability, and when we lose stability we lose the plot. All very down to earth bog standard stuff, it’s not rocket science and it’s not intellectual banter either it’s very straight forward and simple, yet it’s all so, so common. Our nights become sleepless and then the days drag on with bouts of tiredness and then a loss of concentration and so it all goes on, books can be written of the manifestations from there onwards, and they probably are. The thought of what is ahead or possibly isn’t ahead can be of grave concern for we like to feel that what is ultimately ahead is overall better than what we have now, even if the now is good. Our attitude to life and our perceptions play a vital part in how we see the future, even if we are currently going through some “stuff” which can and does have some subliminal effect, but with a relatively strong will we can push it all to one side and march on victoriously leaving the doubts at bay, which is where they should be. Going forward is the only way to go with a positive attitude no matter what events are taking place, one thing is sure and that circumstances are always subject to change, always, we are the constant and even then we advance en-route and whether we take stock of it or not we take on board what we have experienced even if we don’t readily acknowledge it all.

Impending doom is a phenomenon which is an aberration of thought based upon what’s happening at the present and projections for the future sometimes as an extrapolation of what we have experienced and facts as they are, but everything in life is subject to change and even short term seemingly unmovable areas can in light of new facts and figures and circumstances be removed, changed or interpreted differently. Our belief system can play a vital part of our reliance on the good things in life to carry us through, if we believe in God then for many who do really believe it can uplift them way beyond science and any psycho-babble which is grounded in staid doctrine and can be its own worst enemy. The power of thought can elevate the mind to a level where one can see both opportunities and ways out and permutations and give rise to an understanding far above logic itself, and it can be the embodiment of of manifestation also, which again transcends the dullness of psycho-babble as there is no creativity within its boundaries.  But it’s important that one believes in God and not religion, and no one created God but man created religion, so if you believe in say Catholicism or Islam or Orthodox Judaism nothing will happen as it’s all out of your own hands and down to your belief that it’s the will of God, but it’s not you have free will so your destiny is within your hands and if you give it to God then it absolves you of anything for yourself, because God helps those who help themselves, it’s your earthly manifestation that you have to come to terms with. The conduit of Love must prevail to be in contact with God and as such most worshipers only have conditional love within them, thus their contact with God never materialises, despite their plight being of a serious even if “all about me” in nature.  

Impending doom can overtake one’s daily life in that it subsumes life itself to an extent that it stops any kind of enjoyment and also precludes creativity so that ways of going forward become somewhat robotic in nature and one misses out on the nuances and textures and pointers that could eliminate or alleviate what it is that one is becoming stressed over. Much of today’s stress is self caused and people getting worked up over things not of their own creation or ability to overcome or solve.  Whilst it’s good to be steadfast in life and walk your own pathway and not that of others ideas and thoughts, it is at the same time  expedient to be able to be flexible like the bamboo and sway in the breeze so as not to be so rigid and brittle as to snap at the first gust of wind, thus allowing one to bounce back with great gusto and vigour after any stormy situation. It’s this resolve that can overcome the foreboding, the mind getting beyond itself and creating scenarios that especially at bed time take a walk on the wild side and often not challenged by the self so one falls into the trap of going with the flow, the flow being a fabricated stance on what the mind has created. Life is a series of plateaus and peaks and a few troughs too, that is life and it’s up to us to enjoy the whole aspect of life without great serious overtones otherwise we get dragged down by the weight of our own heaviness of accumulated negativity. Negativity is like driving a heavy truck in the dark, positivity is the opposite, it’s driving that well powered car with both lights and a sat nav too, that is the great difference. That difference can be a fine as our mentality and perception of life, nothing magical just that so it’s imperative we keep a lightness at all times to keep those lights bright to show the way forward and have that feeling of being in charge.

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