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Thursday, October 7th, 2010

It’s difficult enough for most people to get jobs of value, especialy if they are of a creative nature and that does not necessarily mean artistic in content, it’s their ability to see beyond the conventional and bring into the equation external factors that could either be catalytic in nature or increace value above and beyond current thought. The unfortunate thing is that nearly all Employment Agencies haven’t that ability to see that factor in potentential candidates, and very often those that wade through the dearth of replies miss endless excellent possibilities because succh candidates didn’t tick the overall boxes that the cheaply employed school leaver had to spot whilst going through them all. They don’t particularly care either, it’s all a means to an end and if someone fits the bill, even though they may not be the best of the bunch, no one knows anyway. HR and Personnel can be a world of their own creation, waxing lyrical like marionettes about company policy and the position available yet knowing nothing first hand of the emotional feel of what the budding client needs in order to accomplish the position offered and do well. Similarly many of the majour companies utilise psychometric testing when looking for an ‘out of the box’ thinker is concerned because deep down they want such a person to be a ’rounded all encompassing being’ which is what ‘out of the box thinkers are not’, but it’s how monoliths think and it’s how drones in the monoliths think too and it’s how the drones feed the lesser dromes in the heirachiel structured drone network that makes it penny wise and pound foolish. Multi-nationals are notorious for such structures even when they’ve gone through endless courses to – yes yet again “tick boxes”, and media corporations almost run incessed classes with structurs that each upholds to keep each in a position, even though each does almost ‘sod all’ in reality. Media and publishing companies are the only two organisations on the planet that haver courses on how not to communicate and they excell in that alone.

Governments and councils are way ahead of the game, where work is secondry to the “I have my rights”, “political correctness”, “having more days off than their commercial counterparts”, and they hit the top when it comes to beauracracy and internal bitchiness, it’s almost cultural and hereditary and part of the system. Anything that’s over and above “bog standard” has its problems, and so has trying to get rid of those candidates who think a certain advertised  job is meant for them and when the unstable peasants don’t get it they play the ace cards such as “ageist”, “sexist”, “raceist” and any other “ist” that happens to be going around which they can latch on to, we don’t as yet have legalised euthanasia for such people and a growing list of other misfits in society, of which some countries excell at. You can always tell those people who have none sales jobs, i.e. they don’t create revenue, as they can ramble on forever about constitutional aspects of the company and any amount or verbiage pertaining to how this is done and proceedures and how efficiency is alien to the work place and that forests are specially cultivated to allow them to print forms. Where conference calls take over from real personal contact at levels which should never be utilised for such applications, and that the review bodies cost more to run than giving the sales orientated forces a better chance to gain greater ground.

The “gatekeepers” in life those that by their own volition feel they are making a tremndous contribution to the sic and lazy and lost by filtering our candidates, ad hoc enquiries, etc, run the risk of reducing everything to a level pitch that has no undulations, no creativity, no excitement, no humanity, no potential, and no life. Gatekeepers are abundant in “publishing”, “media”, “music”, multi nationals, and successful smaller companies that don’t want hassle, yet it’s those in-between that often make the grade and the new era of boutique companies that are sprining up with a freshness of literally dusting off the historic mind sets of patheticness and smelling the real fresh coffee and freshly baked bread, not the synthesised smells that are marketed by the lost and terrible and sanctioned by accountants as their initial costs are cheaper. But long term the real stuff creates the grand harvest which is something the myopic can’t see and if the truth be known they don’t want to see, short termism is on a par with imminent greed, i.e. people may not be here if long term goals were utilised to share any rewards. It all  rings bells within the financial sector and the closed circles of grossly covert deals favouring the “what’s in it for me” as opposed to grand order of being successful. If success were apportioned to real situations such as every airline pilot got a bonus for successfully flying from a-b or surgeons performing life saving operations got a bonus for those who survived, etc, etc, where would it all end. And governments today are beyond being gutless and pathetic, despite what’s been put into place, they have as much panache as a row of french knickers in a shop window, full of potential but out of reach for the many.

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