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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

If we are not careful we can accumulate so much mental baggage about what we do, what we want, what we would like, what others have and we don’t, why are are like we are and why others are seemingly better (we never compare with those who have less), and so it all goes on. We have aspirations, and dreams and desires and the like and whilst none of these are bad in themselves if we are not careful they just pile up on  our “In Tray” and never get filed, updated or sorted. The trouble with thoughts is that they are just what they are, thoughts, and as such thoughts don’t contain criteria nor do they hold depth, they are but mind aberrations based upon certain bits of information that we have and as they have no demonstrative action to accompany them, we can think of anything then forget it all, or enhance it or custom it or do whatever we like, we have that luxury with thought. We can be so abstract with what we think that there at times isn’t anything logical about the end result. We can even hypothesize and take thought to another level, and couple our thoughts with our emotions and well anything can happen, we can even make ourselves depressed. It’s good at times to take our mind for a walk on the “wild side” it’s like a car it does it good to have a good run, and similarly our mind at times needs taking for a walk and getting rid of the dull repetitiveness that it can find itself in at times. Of course how we live our lives makes a difference to our thoughts, if we live a sedentary life then our thoughts usually reside in the sedentary more and possibly even to the extent of us becoming an armchair critic too, doing nothing but judging a everything.

After a while we can start to slow down both physically and mentally because the accumulated dross which has not been updated nor sifted out in our mind’s “in Tray” eventually takes its toll. We feel that there is so much to achieve and a lot of that stuff to achieve is not only now redundant but it has grown into another dimension of thought as we have either progressed or regressed in life. Being free from the detritus and the flotsom and jetsom that can accumulate and the dust which settles on it all does slow our mind processes down as we often take into account this large storage area of redundant information much of which has no bearing upon what we do today, it’s mainly consisting of yesterdays thoughts based upon yesterdays situations. Letting Go isn’t about giving up, nor is it about not having aspirations nor things we would like to have, it’s apportioning them to a real list of thoughts that if the opportunity came around you’d go for it, but until such times happen then you live life to the full without the constant reminder of the ‘wish list’. Letting go of emotions pertaining to unsavoury incidents or bereavement or work or redundancy etc, frees up the mind to seeing the “bigger picture”, and allows for happier times, fun, a lightness of life, one becomes more interesting rather than boring and in all life takes a turn for the better.

Letting go is like having a ship tied up in harbour, if you don’t untie it it will never get to sea the purpose for which it is made, and whilst some people are more gregarious in life, everyone needs to keep some degree of freedom within themselves otherwise they get cocooned into a place of small room and then thoughts ands feelings and indeed life becomes very isolated. Letting go also means making an effort to forgive, to stop the hatred,  to stop the feelings of retribution, to stop punishing yourself for events of the past, to live for what today is all about and allow tomorrow to come into your life fresh and new. Letting go isn’t moaning and endlessly complaining, it’s to have love within your heart and being pleased for others and not wanting them not to get on as it strikes a jealous or selfish note within. Letting go is not trying to control the world and life around you but just make sure that where you fit into the overall picture you are respected and not looked upon as a misfit or jaundiced soul that has no purpose. Letting go is like throwing the ballast out of your hot air balloon, and allowing it to rise so that it takes you out of the narrow ground base and from up above you can view the entire landscape, it makes that much of a difference.

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