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Friday, October 1st, 2010

Are we getting to the stage where being born needs to carry a health warning, where the moment the infant pops out into the wide world we are almost surrounded by terms and conditions and litigious aspects of who does what where why when and immediate registration should we grow up without benefits and having to pay tax. Where the largest and growing communist country is now America where its laws and by laws almost need a forest to be able to publish them for libraries and legal entities to stock up on the up to date what you can and can’t do in life. Where common sense and self responsibility has to be almost spelt out? Where ‘blame culture’ is a part of life, where it has been in the Middle East for decades already, hence its instability. Where the new meaning of freedom has to be spelt out because we are not as free as we thought we were, and where those that oppose our lives and threaten us now have rights too. Where being almost ordinary places you in a position where you are disadvantaged and it would be far easier to be loud and bombastic than just get on with life. Where suddenly half the population are allergic to something or other, where young children’s nebulisers are almost a part of their school uniform, where getting fat is blamed on fast food outlets and not shoving copious amounts of food down your own throat. Where hot water taps have signs saying “water is hot”, and so it goes on. Where politically correct morons (usually government employees) tell you you can’t say something because someone else may get upset, the little shits, people are always getting upset in particular some races and cultures and religions, they are like that, pathetic and narrow but those are the peasants they are. Where food wrappers have to say “serving suggestion” just in case you think within the wrapper is also a 96 piece dinner service with table cloth and napkins, or that your washing powder box doesn’t contain the latest washing machine which is depicted on the front panel. Do we have to define progress, or perhaps redefine who we are as people, or is it that there is a new breed of person who is despite our technological age virtually stupid in terms of life skills? And talking of life skills, teens and even older people who spend now talking to social network sites with seemingly 100’s or more so called friends and whose minds now live in a virtual world of mental dyspepsia forming real life dysfunctionality of great order.

The dichotomy between young and older gets ever greater with “designer” mothers planning out sprogging their young when it suits them, children now becoming an almost adjunct to life itself and an accessory rather than a must earlier on in life as they used to be. And with more and more children growing up without fathers and suffering pathetic mothers and even grandmothers who have lived for generations on state benefits providing little if nothing for a future. Where immigrant families who have little yet end up with endless children who are from day one disadvantaged as they will never have the opportunities that their counterparts have, such is their old cultural and defunct mentality. Where mutli-cultural is a word used by councils and governments but not by those who live with other races and societies and see their own decline because of it. Where PR and deceitful comments are made by governments to try and appease everyone all the time knowing deep down it’s all lies and untruths but haven’t got the gall or bottle to say so. Where the press and media are game for anything with negative connotations as that sells product, and the odd happy face is but a mere token of programme planning. Where those that plan and market the news have an addiction to sniffing the backsides of others and have forgotten what the smell of fresh air is all about and see what the public doesn’t see, hear what the public doesn’t hear and contrive it all into a self biased product which they still can’t or don’t want to believe is biased.

Mental health, social networks, peer pressures, advertising constructs, all bombarding young and impressionable minds without thought or feeling, where media are game for anything at any cost, where expectations don’t take into account abilities, where parents want their children to be what makes them feel good, where schools lack social skills and politics are almost on a par with drug trafficking. Where supermarkets enact devious ploys to re-name, subvert, assume, allude to, various products and ingredients all just bordering on legal correctness but falling foul of moral ability and fortitude are today’s ball game players. Where accountants are the new drug barons cutting corners to save money whilst increasing their own take home pay in the process. Where prostitution and legal entities play the same rules, you pay we do, morals don’t have a part to play unless it’s the theatre of court room drama where anything goes and failed aspiring actors and actresses take on law. Where banks and finance houses have degrees in inhumanity and those players that are real bastards get rewarded for it. And governments become more inept yet churn out rhetoric as if it’s going out of fashion, the game of life has just upped its own stakes and it’s nearly a free for all. Where Unions still reside in the pits and talk as if the industrial revolution is still about to happen and that there is a brisk trade in cloth caps. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken, but if you do it could even be better.     

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