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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

We all paint a picture in life and at times we conceal what lurks beneath. Hollywood is an expert at proficiently producing sets that despict a whole manner of desired looks and settings behind which is but weeds and scaffolding. Governments and politicians do likewise paint pictures with words that whilst representing some degrees of truth are but tools to do what they like rarely if ever has any politician carried out thoroughly what they have intended to do as more important aspects regarding the self have crept in. Religions are similar too in that that have ulterior motives and just say “good” things and not the bad, so much for religion. And then of course there is the press and media, a licence to do and say as you feel as long as it’s punchy, gets noticed and above all hopefully sells more copies, the truth often is an incidental accident. Steganography is nothing new, it has been on the go before it had a title like many things in life. It’s like a social set, it’s only when the press get to learn of it does it get a name, but for those who are a part of it it’s something very real and empathetic and has degrees of mutual understanding and purpose over and above what it’s all purported to be when a name is given to it. 

Steganography is used by Al Qaeda and similar terrorist organisations so it’s not an exclusive product or service, it’s used by third world countries as well as the West, it’s an aspect of life., Paranoia and wanting to control what people say isn’t an answer either as it opens up greater possibilities for other subversive actions to take place. Similar to the Blackberry scenario about governments wanting to eavesdrop on telephone calls as if it is  something like “Blackberry – the preferred system for terrorists”, it’s almost a new ‘Soap Opera’ in the making. Whilst the authorities are trying to listen in to calls the terrorists and bankers are long since away doing other dastardly things laughing at the pea brained and insular who once get the ability to “listen in” won’t hear what they want as it will be shifted or cyphered to an extent it won’t mean anything at all, and then there’s always “plan B” too which is usually so far removed as a good back up so it makes a mockery of the whole thing. Unfortunately we all get used to things today being somewhat “economical” with the truth, that things aren’t quite what they seem and financial products have more pages of opt out clauses than the areas they are deemed to protect or cover. The more dilatory companies become, the more frustrated customers feeling cheated and badly done by, like talking to call centres that waffle on endlessly in “none English” ways. The more devious and unscrupulous clients and customers become to the extent if mistakes are made and they are the beneficiaries they don’t care anymore because customer loyalty is but a mere boardroom conversation for the mentally constipated who appease themselves with schemes but  just can’t let go because the bottom line is that customer loyalty means money and real service and real value from support staff that can help and not just jot down statistics.

The use of steganography is to hide information or data from the public gaze effectively within other information, so that it needs to be either detected or deciphered by those who need to know. It’s different from encrypting information. On a more mundane level we at times hide or subvert our purpose from the public gaze too, alluding to be something that we are not or want to entice certain “others” who will respond to “what they see” whereas everyone else just passes by totally un-noticing anything other than what ‘they see’ which is not quite the same. If we are not careful however we lose our own grip and others perceive us as something we are not and then form opinions of us based upon those thoughts as they little else if anything to go on. We can live like this for some time, but after a while it all starts to tell, and cracks develop because of the pressures and stresses related to upholding that facade. Our lives are full of degrees of richness and sorry all melded together in a commonality of who we are, if we add attitude that is not conducive to life, i.e. it’s not positive then we have a large price to pay.    

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