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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

It would appear at times that humour is something we take for granted and that it’s only for jokes or television comedies with tons of fake laughter added to try and boost the dull script and situational aspects as if laughter was an on cue effort. However, real humour of life transcends the devised aspects of broadcasting and in all honesty the real writers of radio and television humour are more scarce that precious diamonds, most humour today is transient and hollow. But humour in any aspect of life enhances our ability to both communicate and say what we have to say often in a way that straight forward and direct conversation wouldn’t ordinarily deliver. Humour is an underscore in our vocabulary that highlights comprehensive thought that resonates at different levels within our mind, it brings together factual content with over-toned aspects that require an extra modicum of thought to understand the nuances that make humour what it is, humorous. Degrees of camaraderie and synergy and warmth and friendship can be forged just by the commonality of understanding a synergy of humour and some times humour acts as a catalyst in our work, no matter how serious it is, it stops our brain from ‘setting’ itself too rigidly and therefore not allowing it’s creative side to see the bigger picture. Humour is one of those things that we seek in our friends that they resonate well with a unity and  commonality that we can share and enjoy together, as it heightens our spirits and lightens the load of life thus keeping us brighter, especially when things go wrong.

Whilst we may not go out looking for humour in our every day life, we certainly know those we meet who appear not to have any, dull, dowdy, boring, wan, pathetic, lifeless, insular, pale, even to some degree lacking in trust as one is not quite sure as that persons ability to think outside of their own personal world or remit. There are of course many variances on the humour level and it can range from the rude and very un-politically correct (which are the best) to the highbrow and intellectual where laughter isn’t expected, but the raise of an eyebrow and perhaps a a mere twitch with regards a smile is more than enough applause to have understood the nuanses of what was being implied or said. It’s this higher thinking that sets apart those that have humour and appreciation for the finer aspects of language and those who see nothing other than what they see which is virtually nothing. Like a fashion designer that utilises their chosen fabric for its texture to enhance the final image, yet for many they just see the final image as one homogeneous lump of material and can’t or don’t see what it consists of. Similarly with food, it’s often the subtleties of taste and texture and enhanced spices or ingredients that sets it apart from what else is around that consists of a burger and french fries.    

Humour has subliminal benefits too, it has health giving properties in that if we are happy or positive in our outlook our immune system is enhanced or fortified, if we are negative or glum then it’s reduced and for those who are almost always depressed or feeling low they manifest symptomatic ailments like rashes, itches, forever coughing slightly, sniffing, tummy problems, mild flu symptoms that never develop into anything, creeping tiredness, lack of concentration, it can be whatever it is for the individual. Humour can lift the senes, it can enhance life right where you are and it can click the brain into gear into seeing beyond the here and now and view the horizon with a more positive stance knowing that endless potential resides out there. Our ability to communicate requires humour to be effective and efficient, it promotes trust, it enhances our value as to who we are and it allows us to make friends more easily by lubricating our body language into a stance that looks warmly and welcoming and approachable even if our meetings at times have a very serious side to them. Humour allows us to delve that bit further into the psyche of others and for them to open up to us, it promotes a side of the human condition that many lack for the sheer inability to be able to enjoy a combination of humour within daily life forever seeking an elusive aspect that keeps them shrouded in nothingness.

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