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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The most powerful word in any vocabulary is LOVE, for without love we have no purpose, we have nothing to live for and we are bereft of our identity. With love in our hearts life seems better even than it possibly is because we see beyond the present circumstances and are not bogged down by trivia or others emotions and thoughts which are nothing to do with us.  We are not sponges anymore to the media diatribe run and marketed by the subnormal who try to hype everything to a level that makes many feel there’s nothing left, only for it all to be condemned to the rubbish bins of tomorrow as new stories come about.

Love is a spherical object, it’s white and pure, it has no strings nor conditions, it is what it is pure love in its total form. God is pure love too, if God has any degree of lack of mercy within His doctrine then its not God it’s the Devil incarnate, after all that’s the Devil’s job!  Where it all goes wrong is that man makes conditions, because as wonderful as the human race is man isn’t perfect, and therefore imperfections crop up for divisive actions that man creates to get his own way. All religions speak of love, but they are run by men, created by men and have evil within themselves, one only has to look at Islam to see every Islamic country is unstable, just go and visit anyone to see for yourself, any one, to see endless conditions, endless regulations, press secensorship, total lack of human rights, backward progress, and so it goes on. Where love exists so does happiness too, where love exists everyone should be happy for others for their sake so that if your son or daughter tells you they are marrying someone outside of their faith or that they are gay you won’t go mental and start shouting and screaming because it doesn’t fall into your selfish plans plans or that God will kill you. (What the hell’s all that about?).  That’s love with conditions that’s tantamount to Devil Worship, because the Devil doesn’t want happiness. But so many “so called” religious people are pathetic and pay lip service to it rather than believe it. The conduit to ANY God is love, hence religion doesn’t work, and never has it can’t as it’s divisive.

With love we have warmth, fellowship, camaraderie, understanding, compassion, life, happiness, we have truth and trust, we have progress, evolution, advancement, we don’t fear God unless it’s reverential fear, we don’t believe in guilt, nor hatred even though we may have endured dreadful hardship and atrocities because where love exists we leave the past behind and move forward to a better place unless of course we live in the West Bank in the Middle East and breed hatred for the sake of it. With love within it makes us stronger and wiser people seeing the bigger picture and not giving in to the negative emotions the Devil plants to thwart our lives, and which many accept as a way of life and wonder why things never improve. Politicians and diplomats are becoming weak and overall self centred and thus they will hardly ever agree on any policy that’s best for all even though there is never a “one size fits all” that the politically correct life failures seem to think exists.  

Love stops right at the start of potential conflicts, it stops killings, and it stops deceit, it stops hatred, envy, greed, avariciousness and jealousy as there is no room nor need for negative emotions, and it doesn’t put up with tantrums from selfish people at all, they can get on with their selfishness elsewhere. Designer love which percolates in media circles and the press is where hollow love resides at the moment, where down to earth honesty is almost the same as the words paranoid and rehab, the self hype needed to sustain life is self defeating for many, although it’s not an exclusivity where arrogance of who individuals think they are beyond who they are and it debases their mind set and adds to mental health problems which plague many today.

Love keeps us healthy, our immune system is strengthened with love and lowered with negative thoughts, love heightens our perceptions and stops us making wrong decisions as we get a clarity of thought and vision that those who see others things lack. Without love we are nothing and so is life. Without love we never have a decent relationship with anyone, our partner, best friend, work associates, everything is a “me” and “them” situation and after a while a frost mentality ensues where one becomes sceptical and cold about all in life and then the rot sets in sometimes permanently.

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