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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

We all know the word “Luck” and we know the use of the word which can be a frequent comment in our daily conversations when we see other people having what we would like or winning the Lottery or whatever it is. But in reality luck is an abstract thing and not something that some have or don’t, it’s more down to our perceptions of what it is rather than what it is itself. Luck isn’t an isolated event of great positive benefit as it can also have a macabre side to it, often not seen by others and this is where envy and greed and jealousy all fall apart. We rarely see what the negative sides of “supposedly” what luck can bring, and the adage “be careful of what you wish for” is very true. If you seek great wealth then it could arrive as a compensation package for having broken your back in a fall and never be able to walk or move again, your wish for wealth has come true – you have received wealth. We often refer to our un-luck in that what doesn’t come around our way goes elsewhere to seemingly “lucky” people, but that’s not true either. In reality “luck” or “un-luck” is dispersed amongst billions of people and many who appear to be lucky are either more active in their lives and one rarely sees the “down side” of their lives. One thing is for sure the more you enter into life and commune with it the chances of good or better things happening are far greater than those who are staid or reserved and do little. Comments from bystanders are always tinged with degrees of jealousy or feelings of unfairness, but if the truth be told it says more about them then anything else. Our old favourite “attitude” is paramount as to how we perceive life and how life treats us, bad attitude and everything always appears unfair, good attitude and one sees greatness in life and happiness brought about by the simplest of things. Melancholic attitudes and winging similarly always produce a “down” in life and that “down” is hauled around by the holder of that attitude so no matter where they are they produce a negative bias to all and sundry which self ostracises them from the main stream of positivity.

 The more we do in life the better we interact with it, being an armchair critic or so called ‘professional’ critic of anything especially in the media smacks of failure, where people add nothing to life other than their opinions which are of no value, unless you are lacking yourself in thought and reasoning. But for those that want or need to progress both ‘stepping out’ and moving out of ones’ “comfort zone” is by far the best way for good and great things to happen, life communes with those who interact with it, it won’t come knocking on your door then wait for you to get changed to greet it. We by and large create what we would term our “own luck”, the random accessibility of things happening are always evident around us and what we deem would be expedient in our lives is not always where that proverbial ‘luck’ or accessibility will avail itself to us. Most people see luck as something quite dynamic that’s over and above what they currently have, yet in reality it may be for example that whilst a friend has just received some money from a deceased relative but is of ill health, but your health is first class and as such you are in a far better situation than receiving a mere cash reward no matter how useful that cash could be. It’s rarely seen in such terms, your ill friend is probably deemed as “lucky” having received such funds, yet they would give it all up just to be healthy. Again, it’s down to attitude and that your attitude is the one thing that can either make you and break you and it’s all under your control.

Wishing that luck is on our side is a waste of time, and has nothing to do with thinking or hoping that we do well because we have put a lot of effort into what it is that we are seeking success. Where we don’t accomplish that success at a particular instance is not always negative and sometimes the experience of failure is more rewarding in the long run, although initially it’s rarely seen as that and it’s only when the disappointment has rescinded that that can be understood. Luck is an ambivalent word as it holds no weight other than possibly a good wish from onlookers, but to rely on luck as a possible aspect of being successful is pushing your luck, even if it appears that some have that ‘midas’ touch in what they do, it rarely equates to an easy ride if seen from within. Doing our best with an open mind yet determined spirit is by far the best way to fgo forward as then one can accommodate both success and your goal not being met either, whatever the situation one can cope for admirably and proficiently. With ‘luck’ being a strong factor in the equation and something not happening it denotes that what one did was not quite right yet it could have been ‘spot on’ but just at that moment conditions were as such that it was not conducive to succeeding then and there, another time yes. So it’s important that our zeal and zest and fortitude is in full force and the use of the word luck is nothing more than a notion of thought.     

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