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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Fear, doubt, tension, lack of clarity, unrest, unnerved confidence, the unknown,  negative possibilities, etc, these are the staple diet foods for the Mind Gremlins, they just love to come out and “rock n’ Roll” to a good tortuous night of sweating and tossing and terning and upheaval. One man’s meat is another man’s poison and the mind gremlins like nothing better than to dance the night away at your expense. The first sign of tension and they are awakened, then the slight drowsy feel fuels up their inner self and bingo out they come in their droves to party the night away, tearing away at every thought and feeling and event that is in your mind. They pull and push and topple and thwart every opportunity to nullify clear and concise thought leaving you almost a nervous wreck, distraught and feeling like you have just been on a marathon run rather than a good night’s sleep. The mind gremlins live in everyone’s mind and they can be controlled, but you have to make an effort to control them, and that’s where most fall by the wayside and take to booze or drugs or sedatives in order to overcome their seemingly disastrous effect. Talking it over can help but it has to be with someone stable otherwise the listeners negativity will be subliminally picked up and enhanced in your subconscious when you sleep making it even worse.

The gremlins can’t harm you, they can’t subvert life or the way you live or do things, they can’t change the course of your life or history, they can’t in fact do anything at all other than “rock n’ roll” in your mind and with your blessing do it all night.  Our mind is fabulously powerful although most people use little of it for anything other than just daily living, and like all living things it’s cyclic in that it needs sustenance and it needs rest to recharge itself to perform at peak efficiency, should you decide to use your brain to that level. So how can we get the best out of life when at times it’s pressing down on us with such a weight that we just don’t know what to do or we can’t see a way out of our dilemma because it’s so big we give up trying to reason for every time we do reason we run into a fantasy spell of unfathonable distaster and then hope that “luck” will befall upon us and change it all in one fell swoop. It won’t, so forget that.

How we live our lives is paramount as to how we think and feel and understand who we are and where we are, nothing technical nor mentally challenging, but to live aimlessly has its negative repercussions. Insurmountable objects for many are exaggerated because of their own sheer ignorance, an ignorance they have fostered for themselves, and many psycho-whatever’s do the same never finding base reasoning and always asking or finding “why, why, why”  questions and resolution is always via a conversation never an inherent thought, a big if not massive difference to satisfactory completion and happiness and going forward without recurrences of negativity. One very successful route to overcoming mind problems and “mental health” which is a big problem today is…

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