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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Wow what a powerful word optimism is, it can literally change your whole life, the way you think, the way you feel, the way you work, the way you look at life, the way you enjoy life, the way life treats you, it can be the beginning and the end of everything you do. Optimism spells out reality, it spells out hopefulness, it spells out positivity, it spells out gain, it spells out endless possibilities, it spells out resourcefulness, it spells out happiness, it spells out recovery, it spells out just about anything that’s good and wholesome and fruitful and great and it spells out harmony too, that ability to commune with life and mankind. Whereas pessimism is all that’s bad, it’s stagnant, it’s sterile and it’s almost a religious feel to it in that it can be divisive and contorted hiding illness and dark areas of life that one should not even enter into.  There are many thoughts about optimists and pessimists and even business schools at times advocate a mixture of both so that the optimist doesn’t get carried away in a thought of uption nature, but in reality it’s only the optimists in life that ever get anything done.  Optimism has within it the ability to fail and overcome, it has the ability to triumph over defeat and make for strong and sound credentials that benefit all, it has the power to transcend from morbidity, all of which pessimism has none, pessimism is almost on a collision course with itself, eating away at negativity to form re-constituted mayhem elsewhere such is the closed nature of the word and all that it encompasses.

The life we live is charged by ourselves, not circumstances even if they are not as we would like, but by how we think and feel, and if our attitude is negative then we are going to attract all that’s negative around us and negativity breeds negativity. So eventually everything we do or think of will have negative connotations, life will plummet slowly into the doldrums and from that point onwards you will literally be on your own. It’s difficult at times to see the brighter side of life when events, circumstances and situations not only weigh heavily they can be an ongoing burden as some aspects of our lives are irreversible. But the beauty of “Optimism” is that whatever time we have, whatever life we live, whatever situations are as they are we can still be human beings and laugh and enjoy life to the full whatever that is, and that literally fulfills us as a person both giving benefit to life and mankind and receiving the reciprocal benefits of humanity and love too. Those that decide to make excuses such as “If you knew my circumstances” or “if you’d been through what I’d been through” are selfish peasants and should be allowed to wallow in their own juice until they realise that it’s only them that can improve life no one else, and trying to force their circumstances onto others for endless sympathy is not on. Other people have a life too and that doesn’t take in the negativity of every person who seeks an audience for their next drama recital of “all about my life”, it’s dull, it’s boring and it’s passe.

The beauty about being optimistic it takes into account the pitfalls and upheavals we go through en-route to success, even caution can be optimistic, whereas pessimism is already at a low ebb so when something untoward happens it seeks even more lowness for validation and whenever there is a glint of light it gets flustered wondering how long the light will be there and so pessimism falls into the abyss of darkness where religions that rely on hatred and killings and terrorism to fuel the devils cause live. Optimism is love at its best, it’s real shared strength, it’s the epitome of all that’s best and wholesome in life rather than the cast offs that pessimism lives on.  

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