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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

We all have to some extent an ego and a degree of pride, we have too ideas about how things should or shouldn’t be, and we have ideas about ourselves also, put them all together and we have an opinion on what life and those in it are about and also what we are about too. The varying degrees of human nature makes the breadth of whose who and what’s what very broad, and with regards people we can see, the grossly arrogant and egotistical to the feint, timid and someone lacking in self esteem. However in between we can get a mix of all of those attributes and they can almost counter act each other in placement and form. We can get an actor or actress who can play a ruthless part on the screen but off screen where they have to make up their lines they are almost rubbish as people. Similarly we can get those who are bombastic and loud yet when shouted at they cower down as if to crumble on the spot, and we probably know variations that others have in between. Perceptions of life are important as is our attitude for both of those things go hand in hand and if they are too far from the norm then we constantly lose it as far as a stable mental approach to life is concerned.

Two men called Dunning & Kruger found that people who have little knowledge systematically thought that they know more than others who have much more knowledge and often those that have a great deal of knowledge don’t acknowledge the fact because they perceive that others don’t think they have, almost a lack of self esteem. We often get both these types of people inter-relating with us in our daily life and it’s how we apportion who we are in relation to either type or even levels of both in between. We need to walk or pathway and we need also to acknowledge who we are as people never mind what others think or say in general as they could be harbouring a whole load of negative issues themselves. Of course if everywhere you go you get a negative response then it may be pertinent to find out why, but many of the greatest inventors and scientists have had to endure the wrath of an ignorant public to prove them all totally and utterly wrong. And their discoveries have been a positive boon to mankind so again personal thought with regards the self needs to be self contained to allow it be nurtured and fed and watered by the self to see where it’s about to go, sometimes not far but who knows?

The bottom line is that we must have some idea about who we are and why people treat us like they do, or why we have lots of friends or have very few if any other than acquaintances, often the latter is a self confusion because the reality of not actually having a friend isn’t a subject people like to admit to, and rightly so although it’s an indictment about themselves. We can see a mile off ego’s and degrees of arrogance as it stands out like a sore thumb over and above the knowledge and self reassurance we can have in our work ethic or knowledge of a certain subject or aspect of life, all of that is actually a pleasure to watch or listen to as it’s akin to professionalism. Those who aspire often place themselves on a pedestal of their own making and unfortunately they are the only ones who can see themselves aspiring to whatever it is they are aspiring to be or be seen as. The trouble with negative emotions and virtues is that they are hollow and quickly get tarnished, and once one has been rumbled it’s so difficult to come to terms with what is failure, in that one’s perception has not been on a course of reality, although their course for themselves was probably very real.


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