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Sunday, July 25th, 2010

How we look at life has a bearing upon how life treats us and how we enjoy life. If we associate conditions to our life then we are by and large always going to fail as somewhere out there there will be always someone or something better than what we currently have or have experienced. Our attitude and our own way of assimilating life brings together who we are and what we are and together those form our opinions of life. We all know those who are almost always happy and uplifting and those who are quite the opposite and depressing, even if they both share a great commonality in life how they react to the self same thing differs enormously. It’s this difference that makes or breaks how we both enjoy life and see beyond the here and now and look towards something better ahead no matter what that is.

As individuals our characters vary enormously as do our abilities and knowledge, so our thoughts towards what we can do, how, why, for what purpose and how best to utilise all in our life style is down to us. If we have illusions of grandeur then we will perpetually be lost, if our thoughts are grand then we can often settle for a half way house position or even get enjoyment and satisfaction from something en-route to our goal which quenches that forever ongoing desire and we feel more at peace and at one with ourselves and life. When we are at peace we don’t experience jealousy or envy or greed or any other any negative emotion because we see life for what it is and thus the contentment or reality of life shines and glows from within to without.

We can really screw up our lives by having wrong perceptions, wrong perceptions based on bad assimilation of information or more to the point a lack of good information that we can effectively process to see how we make our thoughts and feelings come to a common point with regard aspects of life. It’s not uncommon to hear that on a day out some people would think it was really good and enjoyable whereas others just didn’t like it and everything was wrong, same conditions, different perceptions and results. Being too hasty and judgmental is a fatal thing for many and in some cases it can be irreversible too, once something is done it’s done. That’s why it’s imperative that we don’t ever relinquish our abilities to others who then decide for us even if for most of the time they are correct. If something happens they will automatically plump for what they want and you will just have to tag along, it goes without saying most of the time.

Colouring our perceptions with selfishness, greed, hatred etc will set us in the wrong direction in life and create an unease that we will never be able to shake off, although many try by lavishing upon themselves goods and material benefits and service to try and overcome it all, it never works for in time to come all such things pale into insignificance as life feels shallow and pale. Our perceptions must always be real and not based upon emotional content that has no bearing upon the issues involved nor any other aspects of self driven personal diatribe. Even if our conclusion for our perceptions are alien to our way of thinking, it’s expedient to go with those correct feelings and not the self ones as they could possibly come back to haunt you. Being as honest as you can be is always the best policy and one then doesn’t have to cover up with more lies and made up stories.

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