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Sunday, August 15th, 2010

In some quarters it’s becoming something of a “thing to do” apportion blame of circumstance to third, fourth, fifth generation children for what when on in the past, for actions and deeds that at the time were expedient or delivered because of ideologies that then were of the moment. Where races and cultures are trying to atone and get “Sorry” for what went on as if it will make any difference whatsoever to the hear and now, and all this pathetic baloney that saying “sorry” will allow everyone to move on is beyond comprehension. The only and repeat only thing that’s holding you back is you, excuses don’t enter the equation whatsoever. Of course there are those in life who are subnormal and have an inbuilt “bee in their bonnet” about political correctness, rights, protocols, and anything else they can grab on to to fill their hollow and useless world with something to do. The unfortunate aspect of all this is that there are today few statesmen and fewer stateswomen, and because of the media image they seem to want to portray at all costs the few that seek to get a “Sorry” make waves and thus the politicians feel the need to be seen to doing something and so acquiesce and acknowledge in some form or other the deeds and actions of the past. It’s not rocket science to understand in our own lives that within our short stay on earth we make mistakes and for the majority of us we are almost all experts in the field of hindsight.

There’s nothing wrong in respecting the past for what it was, for learning from mistakes, from being proud that our relatives and fellow countrymen died for us having a better place today, that the inventors and discoverers of the past had to jump through hoops of fire in order to get their invention or discovery out and produced against the odds of the “so called” intellectuals and government idiots who know nothing and thus feel threatened by anything new. It’s a tribute to anyone who like  a salmon swims against the tide and produces or discovers anything that the general and predominantly ignorant populous can’t understand yet make full use of it when it’s produced, such is life.

History is part of life, as life goes on and time goes by we all become more and more embroiled in history itself, it goes without saying, what we feel about history before we were borne is a yet another matter, but living history, the one which we joined the day we were born and dies with us the day we die is the only personal history that we can ever lay claim to, regardless of what happens by whom for whatever reason. For the major part in life the most telling aspect of what we do lies ahead of us, it’s that that is going to carve out our onward historical claims and how we react and how others see us is a new chapter every day, whether we repeat our mistakes or do dastardly deeds it’s down to us, our life lives in our brain no where else, it doesn’t live in or with others or society at large it lives totally within our own minds.  There is but one direction in life and that is forward. The past is just that, the present in right here right now and tomorrow is where we are to go, like it or not. 

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