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Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Reinventing yourself is becoming more of a by word in today’s society than ever before, the established and staid and dull and boring and traditional are all falling apart, and if we don’t look at who we are within life we are going to fall apart too, and we can see the results of those falling apart every day, we don’t have to venture too far. Even our sedentary home-life needs at times to come up to scratch or we become slobs of our own making, couch potatoes with limited brain function soaking the flavourless diatribe that the unscrupulous broadcasters put out on daytime television for the brain dead and those who aspire to being brain dead. Life today is fast moving, financial climates make waves which by default affect those in its wake and have to surf or sink, and to surf we need to be ready to change, with the approriate surfboard. The bastion days of corporate and governmental stolidity are well over, we have to face the reality of now and not fall into intellectual conjecture as to what should be or how the government should do this or that, the government is full of humans many of whom haven’t a clue either despite some being of serious content and resolve. We have sole ownership of ourselves and that must be held fast within us at all times.

Society is slow, educational sectors are slow, any government body or  government organisation where endless committee meetings and endless consultations take place over protracted times are the bane of life, and there is always a backlash and many inappropriate people even if best intentioned running such organisations. The sparkle of immediacy and forward thinking is reduced by the “fogies” to levels which are not substantial and far more costly through inappropriate costing and layers of people than any private organisation would never tolerate or be allowed to cost out. The bottom line however is that it’s the individual that has to understand the climate of change and even be multi-skilled to the extent that the utilisation of one’s original aptitudes and learned abilities will have to be broad focused to enable the individual to accomplish what they originally would have never thought of. The problem is that very few people have that expertise to transfer that overall concept and ability as it certainly doesn’t reside in government unemployment offices which have little creativity if any, plus tons of restrictive conditions and it doesn’t exist in recruitment companies where it’s not their remit and are more mercenary and cold.    

Not everyone is an entrepreneur, some need to be guided and employed, they need to be lead and they need to have their minds opened by those who have to skill to do just that, otherwise they stagnate  and rest upon debilitated thought patterns and insular ideologies and fear. However, many such people are incredibly adept at what they do, and are even brilliant in how they work in a “safe” environment, any stress related to what they do they can cope with, stress outside of this is tantamount to them falling apart, it’s the way it is.  Reinventing yourself no matter at what or how, it’s often a journey of “self discovery” is a defined and deliberate need, it’s something that must resonate over and above everything else no matter what is going on. Logically linking aspects of life is at times like trying to mix oil and water, many areas of life have to be done concurrently and only then towards the end where degrees of resolution come together can one homogenise all and where everything forms a wholeness and a pattern which can be used for the greater good. 

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