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Monday, August 16th, 2010

There are many states of depression, some clinical needing professional help and possibly medication, others of a temporary nature that we allow circumstances to induce us into or in some cases bring on of our own accord. Our attitude to life plays a very large part in how we perceive life and thus how we react to it, so it’s imperative that we do look at the positive side of life no matter how dark it seems for if we give in to the darkness it will subsume our whole being. The chances are if we come from a negative family we may have tendencies to be negative unless we have seen the light and changed our attitude, and if we come from a positive family we will always have a tendency to look at the bright side of life no matter how difficult that may be at certain times. Self induced depression is probably the most common in that we concentrate on the problem and not the solution, when we do that we shut out possibilities, ways and means of seeing the way out and anything else that’s on offer to alleviate the situation. Being narrow minded and arrogant with it is a terrible thing the times one hears the phrase “I’ve tried everything” which is a load of old rubbish, a pack of lies and denotes a degree of mental stupidity. You’ve only tried what you know, what you don’t know and haven’t tried to find out or re-hash is always amazingly varied and broad and often has solutions that you never even knew existed. And if you think “How can I do what I don’t know” then you are more thick and stupid than originally thought.

Our outlook towards our friends, family, and indeed anyone else has to be balanced towards who they are and their way of life. There will always be those who seemingly sail through life and those who seemingly plough through it, we of course always compare with those who seemingly sail through life and never those who ploughing through it, such is human nature. But it’s just this mentality that removes our focus from what we have to do and when our focus is removed it’s replaced by fear, anxiety, tension, loss, consternation, doubt, dread, and all the other negative emotions and effects that are lurking within our mind. When we are happy our negative emotions are a very low priority, as soon as we change stance and our mind goes into “poor old me” mode they emerge and all the good and positive emotions and thus lowered into a place where it’s hard to retrieve them. But we must bear in mind that it’s us that has deliberately caused this effect, as much as we would like to blame circumstances or anything else we can apportion blame to, it’s still us that has effected the imbalance within, then we feel sorry for ourselves and change attitude our voice is less vibrant, all the usual pathetic stuff that one does for sympathy, and sympathy is as empty as the Queens’s handbag.

Making an effort no matter how hard it is really does make a difference, and like our muscles if we cease to exercise them we become weak and listless and eventually later in life become really quite disadvantaged as we will not be able to move freely anymore. Our mind is just the same, if we give in and try for the sympathy approach, or get into a broody stance or melancholic approach we will by our own hand negate the value of whom we are and that will thwart any opportunity and creativity we have or are indeed offered as our interest and ability to see potential will be lost.  Our minds can be fragile at times, but they are still underneath a real powerhouse of growth, creativity and unlimited ability, we control our life and whom we are and not circumstances, which is where so many make the biggest mistake of their lives by bowing down to circumstances and not saying “Hey I’m in charge of my life, not circumstances, no matter what I’m still going to be positive” which is a sign of self respect too.

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