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Thursday, August 26th, 2010

It’s difficult at times to see outside of where your mind resides, this could be for a whole range of reasons, selfishness is usually the main one, but social, religious and environmental aspects including the mind sets of those in your own family are the most common. Middle Eastern mind sets are usually fairly set in rigid thought unless they have travelled and see that there is a life outside the staid, controlled, narrow and pathetic. However, where many come unstuck is that their focus is on the self as a prime thought, and whilst there is nothing wrong about thinking about yourself because if you don’t no one else will nor can with regards your inner thoughts, it does reduce vastly the possibilities of life evolving in any positive way. Which is why religiously controlled countries are always overall backwards and full of controls as they see only their point of view which creates fear and instability. The bigger picture is actually where we reside, it’s where it all happens and where all the opportunities in life are available to us, it’s only us that places them out of reach because of self imposed boundaries and parameters.

We are all different, and that’s actually a good thing, we all have different thresholds in life and our expectations coupled with our mental abilities and degrees of responsibility shape who we are. At times our aspirations outweigh our abilities and it’s this mind set that needs addressing to achieve what’s best for us and not an imaginary ideal that’s beyond our capabilities. Often this imaginary ideal thwarts what we could really do and do well at it but it’s forever held back because our ideals won’t allow it to happen. The bigger picture is full of great and wondrous possibilities, even within our own environment the bigger picture holds much more than we can imagine yet how many people fall into the “poor old me” syndrome, and then look towards others thinking they are OK or they do better because of the excuses that we make up to absolve ourselves of what others have done. It’s all, excuses, excuses, excuse, and it’s also being fearful and lacking in confidence to step out, for if you don’t step out you’re not going to even make the first move towards walking anywhere. How we view life makes a big difference too, it places our mind into a position that can either accept or reject areas of life that we deem are “not us” or “are us” whether the physicality of all that is correct of self induced.

The bigger picture is just that and placing ourselves in the bigger picture mentally allows us a great freedom to roam unfettered by the chains knitted by others which comprises of their fears, their phobias, their indecision’s, their failures, their stupidities, their narrowness, their selfishness and all the rest. Once free from those and other man made criteria we are at the helm of our own ship and can steer a course where we like. Of course it could be that’s not for us and we would be far more comfortable as a passenger at the discretion of the captain as to where we go, and that’s fine too. As long as we accept that then we have a really good chance of enjoying the life we want on our terms even if we have admonished some responsibility and delegated or farmed out parts of it to others. The base however to moving onwards is that we look beyond the me me me me and me syndrome which not only makes us boring and dull as company, but it precludes others to the extent that you are no longer of value in any company and that has its own repercussions too.

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