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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Little has raised so much controversy in the kingdom of man than the increasing use of the Burka, especially in the west where civilised people go about their work displaying their faces for all and sundry to see. There’s nothing to be said for the Burka as it’s primarily something emanating from old Persian folk-law and nothing more. There’s not one word of it written in the Koran and it’s definitely not written about in any form in any other religious document either, so there’s no religious credential for wearing it. There are civilian issues here pertaining to the rights of humanity over and above the selfish, oppressed, insular, narrow, dark and withdrawn women who wear it, especially in the west who have nothing whatsoever to do with ancient Iranian folk-law.

The issues pertaining to human rights are one thing, especially in a modern and free society but whichever way you look at covering your face other than with protective clothing is alien to mankind as a whole and indeed mankind thrives on being able to see fellow man. Third world and backward countries are like they are because of their draconian ways of seeing life and of course the need by the few for power. Maybe those that wear the Burka need to adhere to female circumcision too just to get into the mood of yesterday’s lifestyle for the socially depleted and subnormal, followed by a good beating and forced sex, all of which is well documented and happens today in third word satanic areas.  Even in Dubai,  women are still lesser mortals than men let alone Iran and Saudi Arabia, and it’s a women’s word against that of a man, which is not much. And where in Kuwait women have actually gotten rid of the Burka and even the head dress on the ruling assembly so to modernise it’s stance towards the future and not live in a two teir society of yesterday.  

For those whose bandwagons run on the “human Rights” issues and that includes campaigners and legal entities at times they fight because there is a fight to be had whether it’s apt for mankind or not. It makes one wonder that their aggressiveness in de-socialising some women (and men can’t wear balaclavas in public otherwise they’d be arrested) is more of a stance for personal appointment than for the good of humanity. Where the “I have my rights” brigade at times get too used to sniffing  the odours of their own orifices missing out on the sweet smell of humanity at large which is all too common, and where by associating themselves to such alien and backward  ideologies they lose trust and respect themselves, regardless of what they have stood up for in the past. It also speaks volumes about those that fight for such causes as it opens up their own failures, insecurities and need for more love than they are getting now.  It’s ironic that some women need to debase themselves, especially Muslim women walking around shrouded in head to toe in black looking like Darth Vader’s evil assistants and at the same time technology is creating robots with faces because humanity feels comfortable in seeing a face, even if it’s computer driven, manking responds to a face, it can’t respond well to nothiness, which a black veil depicts. Are these women alive or dead to life or so mentally unstable that they cannot lead a “normal” live like the billions of other women or are they genetically deficient?

The crassness of anyone walking around shrouded is defiling those around them, themselves being useless, defunct, third world, evil, unworthy, without merit, irreligious although it’s almost always Muslim women of unstable values and selfish heritage. Even the newly converted appear as aliens in their own domain because they have lack within themselves and the veil gives hollow appeasement, but in reality it provides mental disharmony. If you believe in God then to cover your face is irreligious, if you don’t believe in God to cover your face is an insult to mankind itself regardless of what you may think of what you want to do. To place yourself as the most worthless entity known to man and to self defile who you are speaks of a place in mind that’s devil driven and anyone and anything associated with it is alien and corrupt and lives also in the darkness and shadows of evil. Where love is bright and open and fun and communicable and uplifting the Burka is dark and evil and withdrawn and those that wear it deserve to perish at their own hand of human injustice in not respecting life and those in it. An open society is open, understand open, repeat open, walking around like something from a dark sci fi movie isn’t open it’s where sabotage, destruction, terrorism, conceit lives and grows until it eventually like a dark star implodes to eradicate itself of itself. Hopefully sooner than later. Many governments are weak and insipid and give nothing in the way of watery and pale explanations which just shows the character of each one who comments upon it, it will be the Achilles heal of those that procrastinate over the few for the good of the many.

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