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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Everything on the planet has an energy around it, whether it’s substantial like uranium or a pebble on our sea shore there is a base commonality that it’s made up of molecules all dashing around each other at different rates and in different quantities to produce what it’s a part of. In the air around us there is an ever increasing influx of energy, whether it’s from broadcast sources such as television, radio, mobile phones or just from the radiation given off as a byproduct of man utilising energy itself as a product source for its machines and electronic equipment. There is also energy radiating from out in space such as that of the sun, hitting us every second, and standing out in the full sun we can get toasted in minutes even though the source is 150million km away (93 million miles), such is the strength of energy.

There’s an energy around us as human beings, we radiate energy in quantum amounts, and there are energies “out there” that as yet we can’t tap into or haven’t devised equipment capable of measuring it, sometimes that energy is complex in that it transcends our current thinking and leads into areas such as thought transference, levitation, mind reading, intuition, and such like. With energy there are different types there is both good energy and bad energy and how this is defined technically is another matter, but as humans we can tap into both areas and reap the benefits or consequences of having done so. The human being is a fantastic transmitter and receiver of energy information, our mentality governs to a large extent our ability in accessing what it means, but even the most dull and dowdy at times can sense negative energy as it alerts the senses to untoward feelings within.

How we think defines much of how we live, the more open and “lighter” our mind is free from the detritus of media, family problems and others thoughts the better we can run our own lives and make headway without encumbrances of others negativity, negativity in life is the bane of why we go wrong more often than we should, and it’s self caused. Positive energy on its own can elevate life to an extent that many are both ignorant of and don’t understand either, pre conditioned ideas and lifestyles feed on negativity and thus provide self seeded malfunction and breakdown which in turn produces disappointment and so produces it’s own implosion of life itself, sucking everything good, bad and indifferent with it. There’s no “secret” to a positive life, it is as it is, it needs no further defining, but being positive regardless of circumstances allows the human condition to tap into the benefits of the positive energy around.

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