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Monday, August 30th, 2010

The power of the mind is amazingly strong, although most people have little faith or confidence in themselves other than in what knowledge they possess and the knowledge that that knowledge can thus be utilised for, business purposes or some material gain somewhere, otherwise it’s just a latent aspect of the mind that’s there and fulfills no real or useful purpose. Having said that many people are literally power houses of knowledge and do little about it or even deem that it has value as the knowledge they have attained has been relatively easy and thus their mind set is the old “no pain no gain” and whilst there is an element of truth in that, it’s not what it’s all about. Our whole persona and attitude towards life emanates from our mind, this is based upon our knowledge and importantly the kind of knowledge more than the amount of varied knowledge, even if this has an effect of broadening the mind. The brain works of a feedback system in that we give out or radiate information and we similarly receive or take in information, process it all and then make an assessment of it based upon what we know and then either store it or work on it, whichever is appropriate, all done in nano seconds.If we are bad or good people then it’s us who decides which, it comes from our thoughts and it ‘s relayed by our actions, if we pull the trigger we can’t blame others regardless of circumstances, it’s our finger engaging with the trigger, full stop. Our interface with life is exactly the same, we interface with life which includes our surroundings and all those within it including animals and buildings and the property of others too. Our mind is permanently like a computer evaluating what feeds it, even if we are somewhat thick and stupid and lazy, we know right from wrong, so there’s no excuse as to making the wrong choices no matter how many lies you make up or jump on to the “blame culture” band of the mentally deficient.

Good things elevate our thoughts they make us feel good, they raise our expectations of life and of others, they make us more affable and less trite and uphold a purpose that we have for others no matter who they are. Even the selfish need some degree of positivity otherwise even they rescind into a place of lowness and become sharp, contrite, mean and selfishly self spirited. Goodness has a wonderful healing effect on our bodies too, it allows us better sleep, enhances our immune system, allows us the luxury of not jumping to conclusions, not taking offence at something we dislike or disagree with and it gives us the ability to “see” far more than those who are negatively charged and only dwell on the problems rather than the solutions in life. Goodness breeds goodness, it’s contagious, it brings a harmony and removers discord and it removes too inbuilt anger and thoughts about those that we disagree with as well as placing ourselves at a level which is conducive to a better life and importantly more stress free too. Negative people usually attract negative people and positive people attract the positive people this can be seen quite openly as we form our conversations based upon the power of achieving or failing. Failure to a positive person is but one solution that needs refinement, failure a negative person is tantamount to giving up such is their dull mind set and them feeling dowhearted and all the rest.

Goodness in people helps them get on in life, it can in many circumstance allow those who have a pleasant disposition to get on better than those who basically no one likes and which is evident in a company. Goodness in someone promotes higher degrees of trust than those who are less so, as the more “goodness” someone has generally the more thoughtful they are, so the bottom line in qualifications can be thwarted by not employing someone who is technically slightly superior but would bring down the whole atmosphere and is a lousy communicator. Goodness is a reciprocal thing it’s not only nice to receive but to give out too, and for no other reason than it is really good to do. Those that have to decide to effect a good deed or do so because of what it may bring are in themselves not as well forward and as elevated in the life stakes as they think they are. Goodness isn’t at all a weakness, indeed it’s a strength because people who do good things are not a pushover and can see a mile away those who think they can latch on to something for nothing. Goodness allows for forthright conversation because it won’t stand for being lied to or being mislead or anything subversive because it’s not good. Goodness can see those who scheme and plot at the expense of others and thus move on to more wholesome territory, goodness promotes better relationships and gives life a stability that others permanently seek or desire and wonder why they can’t ever find it. Goodness is what it is, you should know how good you are?

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