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Friday, August 20th, 2010

Financial prudence is a must if a company is to forge ahead on a strong and firm footing, without good financial housekeeping costs can escalate and remedial action that starts to flash red or amber on the spread sheets means it’s possibly too late. However there’s a fine line between being prudent and making sales, often the waters in between are turbulent because the meanness of accountancy except for lining their own pockets where generosity overflows, can’t see the values placed upon emotions that have at times ‘ethereal’ qualities and can’t be quantified. American companies are the worst for detaching value and covering it up with rhetoric trying to justify themselves, but it’s all a facade the bottom-line is more greed than profit and they utilise ways and means of raising additional revenue from backdoor approaches. The airlines are currently unbundling their products and it now means an almost supermarket bill when checking in as opposed to a one fee and it’s all included. So much for the stress free flights when one finds that the ancillary costs are almost as hefty as the product costs themselves. A number of hotels are also embarking on such practises too. But it’s been going on for ages in the food industry, small reductions in weight and volume of products, they substitute or elimination of ingredients, fish with added puffy batter to make it look bigger than the bit they’ve reduced and so it goes on. All without a whisper to the public and certainly no mention of it in any blurb about the product.

The recent global finance shake up which cought governments and those that regulate such matters completely off guard allowed almost ‘melt down’ in world markets so much so that the average citizen had to bail the banks out, and the governments with their usual weak and insipid stance did nothing to punish the perpetrators. Granted more stringent regulations have been placed now, but it’s all still quietly happening in the background and it’s still allowed to go on. Of course the bankers scream that without bonuses they won’t get the experts to do what they do, but if such experts died overnight life would carry on and there are always queues of people more than willing to take the place of those that have left. If one bank stopped paying bonuses others wouldn’t automatically take up the slack, and those old fogies, those that can’t see a society without bonuses, and there’s actually nothing wrong with a bonus package with the right credentials, because they just can’t see life outside of their narrow mentality are better put out to pastures and left to ponder at life out of harms way and possbly die quickly too. Of course where finance reigns no matter what industry so does deceit and so does greed, it has to  it’s a prime motivator for the people who are overly numerate at the expense of being thoughtful or even wanting to see consequential actions. Marketing is now the sheer effrontery of the greed machines, where words like caring and service are but dictionary definitions and like a Hollywood facade, are just for show, behind each facade are weeds and scaffolding.

The average punter thanks to abject greed, American avariciousness, heartless, cold and totally insensitive accountants, subversive and decitful marketing are now facing even more environmental stress, where they now can’t budget, nor account for where their finances go as everything is a la carte, the unbundling has caused more consternation, more upset, less enjoyment and yet those that instigate by default such processes expect people to respect their product and be loyal, get a life and wake up. Statistically the average person needs to know a figure – a financial value – in order to have peace of mind, these thugs and rogues have aliented that thought proces by telling everyone that why should you pay for someone  else’s useage if you don’t use it yourself. The theory is OK, the fact is it’s crap because levied chages are far greater than the costs, because the instigator of the service is not truthful in that respect. However, all such things are cyclical, there are champions that can see beyond tomorrow, British companies are not in that catagory, British Chairmen suffer from acute myopia, American ones are more savvy but greed overtakes any guilt or fair play that may be lurking within and they have to go the greed route, you can see it in their delivery, they just have to do it.

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