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Friday, August 27th, 2010

What is it that gives you the “WOW” factor and that some people have it and others don’t? Why is it that some people just leave you feeling cold and bored whereas others actually liven you up and you feel full of beans in their company. It’s usually the WOW factor that you pick up from someone else that resonates well within and you tend to like them no matter what. Of course the “WOW” factor can be created to a certain extent, and there are companies in the market place that will style you, groom you, talk you through things to say and do and how to react to situations and so on and so forth. And to some extent they do really help, it can elevate your stance within whatever you are choosing to do and it can bring in a higher degree of attention than previously one enjoyed. But it’s not always enough, and similarly companies can have the same treatment whereby their profile is elevated and status raised and their raison d’être amplified to make yet another “mission statement” that the public at large don’t understand nor care about, but it’s done as part of the package. People in PR are used to sniffing others underwear and after a while get oblivious to what clean fresh air really smells like, and that there s a difference between telling lies – which is called being “economical with the truth – and what is the truth, (truth -quaint perception but there we are) often covering up some great embarrassment, which eventually comes out anyway.   

But closer to home and far more important than corporate and celebrity profiles, after-all if they died overnight we still need ours, and that’s where the real importance lies as we have to make our way forward in life and maximise who we are, even if we think it isn’t that much, and for some it isn’t. However we all have different aptitudes and abilities and if we choose to do something perceivably mundane then that’s quite OK, many such so called mundane jobs are essential to life and the environment we live in. But as we are all different at times we have to shine over and above others and that’s where our USP (unique selling point) or WOW factor comes into its own. Of course we have to have a good attitude otherwise our communicable abilities will be somewhat letting us down and throwing the confidence factor of others about us into a state of flux and doubt. But assuming that we can talk liberally about what makes us tick then we are to some extent halfway there to being at one with our abilities and aptitudes and being able to deliver them with a high degree of flair, dexterity, charm and possibly humour too, even if it’s a serious subject that’s being spoken about. We must be our own WOW factor, even if it’s a personal thing like gardening or cooking privately at home for friends.  Many people have a job of work and whilst they do a good job don’t have the full love of what they do nor have any degree of WOW factor, thus just get on with it as it tends to pay the bills etc.

To make a difference is to put more thought into our application of deed no matter what that is, it’s the ability to get beyond the acceptable level of proficiency or general level of acceptance and for even those who know little about whatever it is they can see that there is something that radiates almost to a degree of excellence. The difference between a top restaurant and a fast food chain, the thought to detail is evident on a large scale. Some people possess the WOW factor every day, and all day, they make an effort to look good, be nice, be positive, have thought and friendliness at the front of who they are and not as an adjunct to their character and it’s these people who subliminally make a world of difference to our own environment, they separate the plodders who see nothing but struggle in front of them yet at the same time make no effort at all. If you don’t make an effort at the basics in life it really does show mega-time, and subliminally others pick up upon that and soon one has a general aura of negativity that’s been self induced and then firmly established.

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