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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

How good are you at travelling, do you like it, revel in it, fear it, get frightened at the thought of it,or anything in between. I’m fortunate in that I love it and have been round the world so many times zig zagging like a bluebottle flying around the living room, seen so many places and experienced so many new and to me exciting and interesting things that it’s almost too numerous to mention, and all of this travelling where applicable First Class too. Talk about boys and their toys, well, I was in my element even enjoying the not so fabulous moments of sleeping rough in desserts, jungles and dodging the bullets of war torn areas, I loved every second. As a foodie too I was enthralled at being able to eat a range of foods and dishes that I certainly would not have been privy to had I not left my home shores and ventured into the great wide world, although I shudder at times as to what I have actually eaten.  One of the great things that I have experienced in life is how good people are, take away the three scourges of modern day existence, politics, religion and the news, and before you you have a blank canvass of what’s good and great about humanity in general. How caring and humble and warm people can be in all walks of life if you meet them half way, and how those in authority will exercise their clout to enable you to cross boundaries to continue your journey when all seems to have failed. The commonality of Time Travel is still here today, but it’s mainly in situ, not so evident in the towns and suburbs which attracts the dross and detritus  from all over the place who see everything as fair game and endlessly talk about their “home town or country” yet offer nothing within their new environment other than seek what it can offer them.  

Much of modern life is now sanitised and far flung place are not so far flung anymore, readily accessible by those who have gone before and organised, set up, laid on and provided at least a modicum of communicational comfort for those who like to feel they are intrepid travelers and get a buzz from that thought, but deep down would immediately panic should all go terribly wrong. It’s not so different today with corporate businesses and the business men and women who fly on business to further their companies goals in creating more wealth. There’s nothing so daunting than complying with “Corporate Travel Policies” that brings up almost immediate frustration, anxiety, stress, tension and degrees of unfairness and in many cases their poorly paid positions, the companies almost deeming that such people are getting travel benefits as a perk. And within all the rules of class of travel, type of hotel, expenses restrictions, allowance restrictions, there is the more deliberate policies of “do you share a room or not” or do we place both men and women in the same hotel, or even worse the same floor to stop the potential of “travel infidelities” or room flitting just because it can happen and at times does. But it doesn’t stop there, both men and women make it worse for themselves, and the level and quality of travel “professional” dictates at times their potential of going astray. Women are possibly the worse in that they want to integrate and be accepted and everything else yet want women’s specific floors and dining areas and rooms and whatever else they deem is “their right” to be catered for. And in many cases the relevant hostelry groups have acceded by doing just that and tarting up the bathrooms with additional amenities and the like, it’s all good business. But men can be bloody stupid too, they can act laddish, and pathetic and be thoughtless so there exists a self made them and us, sharing a commonality of purpose.

Many professional travelling women who have high positions in business are savvy to what travel is all about and what “being away from home” psychologically brings and still remain fun, kind, very professional and successful, like-able and everything good and gracious and feminine, whilst some become very bitchy, rude, acerbic, cold, two faced and deem that it’s all unfair for women when they travel, in short nothing would please them because they would find fault with perfection. The male dominated market can have its downside too and be just so boring, listening to others tales often works faster than half a dozen sleeping tablets, they’ve seen it, been there, done that, that company has better perks, the airline is this n’ that, the hotel won’t upgrade me, and so it all goes on, yawning aleady. And heaven forbid one should share a room and have to put up with colleagues night time habits and sleeping routines, shudder, shudder, shudder. Of course it may have to be at times, but force majeur is not the same as company policy. The short answer is that people not under undue pressure work far more effectively, than those who do, rewarding someone gets better results than being frugal, (see the group directors incentives) happy people take ownership and want to “give back” where those under degrees of corporate mandates don’t find the need to justify more than they have to, it’s all back down to human nature. For being well looked after by my previous companies the results were astounding, as I felt I could go that extra 20 miles or more not the one, and was very well placed accordingly, until I went the extra 50 miles and worked for myself, but that’s not for all. But for others who were rated on a scale function as employees by a HR designated robotic level, well they may do a good job, but miss seeing the bigger picture and that’s where it all lies.

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