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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

It’s one thing to see and follow supposedly good things, it’s often sensible to collectively do certain things or share certain thoughts that have degrees of commonality as it offers strength and a feeling of camaraderie and unity in many respects. Football followers do the same, all walks of life sharing a common unity in a single sport, following your country in an Olympic situation feeling proud of who you are and those doing their best on your behalf. It can even extend to religions too, feeling a unity even if the whole ethos is corrupt and outmoded it unfortunately gives the brainless and stupid a crutch upon which to feel there is something even if that something never materialises within their lives because it doesn’t exist as they anticipate or know of. 

Everyone on the planet is a unique being, and whether one has thoughts which appear almost identical to someone else no matter where they are you are the one and only one to physically “feel” who you are. It will always be so and that “feel” will never leave you nor enter the domain of anyone else, you will in fact die with that “feel” and then it will be no more nor will it be given to anyone else. To make an impact of whom we are that impact can be as grand or as humble as circumstances or the ‘self’ feels appropriate, that’s not an issue nor important. But to walk with a resolve of ourselves and not live in either fear or the footsteps of others or in a way as dictated by others or media is not only folly but sheet stupidity and removes much of the satisfaction one could gain from literally being yourself, warts n’ all. We take note and make fun of cranky people at times, but they have what most don’t have the resolve to be an identity of their own making however that identity came about. It’s not smart to be a lemming nor an insignificant part of the human race as it proves nothing and offers nothing either.

Doing what we do because it’s how we think and move and feel is the best way to allow our minds to work efficiently and not cower down to the sad race of politically correct cretins who deliberately make life worse because they are of no value to anyone themselves. But it’s more than that, everything that has made an impact on life has had a person or persons who have walked their own pathway and broken away from the smug crowd that think they are invincible, until of course that fragments and then mayhem breaks loose as they find they have nowhere to go. Walking your own pathway comes with two distinct emotions one that at times it’s like swimming against the tide and the other is elation knowing that you are who you are and one can see the dowdiness of others as they wish for more yet plod along. Love is the strongest emotion and love doesn’t follow anyone, it is what it is on its own, we need to be who we are on our own for then too we are invincible.

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