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Thursday, August 19th, 2010

In times of austerity and turmoil and famine and floods and depression the Pope is to visit the UK at a cost in excess of £20,000,000 ($32,000,000). Where already merchandising has gone into overkill for the empty idolatry and pseudo pomp of some old man who has as much charisma as a toilet roll and is less useful. He may be head of the Catholic church, but how can you argue that poverty, prostitution, drug addiction, and other negative areas of life need to be addressed when you are to a large extent the instigator of much of it. Where for some reason birth control is a taboo, where priests can’t marry, which once they could and it ‘s natural too, just because some Pope decided against it, a man made decision not God – it’s the here we go again scenario of nonsense. Where a bunch of single guys live together in a big house in Rome dressed to the nine’s in a whole manner of camp clothes and the Pope himself wears red shoes just like Dorothy’s in the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ and we found out the Wizard wasn’t what he purported to be either. It’s almost the pre-curser to “La Cage aux folles”, just awaiting the music to complete the scenario, it would certainly be a blockbuster hit. And what would God think of the Pope spending £20m on a visit where Jesus possessed nothing and walked facing up to the reality of the time. Where Jesus knew what humility and love and blessings and humanity were all about, not some ponced up position in a perspex car bubble or on a balcony. Is the Pope so badly hated that staff fear for his existence, or some mental Muslin will have a go – which is likely, because £20m out of church funds is beyond being obscene, it smacks of a degree of self piousness over and above Godliness that no other person on earth has encountered, and for someone who does so little. All the Popes have been “lookalikes” fat, rotund, slow, dithery, sanctimonious, pompous, say little, have a hand like a wet fish, and have no more connection with God than any of their followers. The Pope does not represent God, he hasn’t been appointed by God, he has been appointed by man, so there is no official Godly representation other than what has been self created. Of course the Vatican is an industry and like today God takes a back seat and faith, yes faith is almost none existent. It’s almost idolatry taking over from God as if the Pope blesses you everything will be alright, it won’t. If God blesses you you will inherit the earth for yourself, but as you have no faith whatsoever and want the Pope to intervene on your behalf, then nothing will happen in your pathetic life ever from a spiritual point of  view. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

There are however two sides to every coin, and even people like Hitler and Sadam Hussein had a charisma that got the hold of their immediate society and they had real and sincere thoughts for what they believed was to be for whatever purpose. The Catholic church helped enormously the Poles break free from the outmoded cast iron and salt USSR clutches and has provided a unity in times of mayhem and upheaval such as in the war. But there again this is what God is all about, providing pivotal help and service to those who are desperate and need spiritual upliftment, but that comes from God not from man himself because man does not have that ability. Misdirected followers are doing themselves no good, although they see not what they are doing, but placing such idolatry upon the Pope reduces rather than strengthens their faith, should they have any. The more one complains and whinges and say God’s will, then the least will ever come your way spiritually in a positive disposition, in fact it will almost cause a conduit with the the Devil himself, which you must believe in if you believe in God. And if you do believe in the Devil, then you must also know that that energy exists all around you every day. And if you are an atheist or agnostic you will not be immune from the power of negative energy whether you believe it or not.

Before embarking upon our desire to profess our strength and belief in our chosen religion, we must place before us the principles of what those beliefs hold and why. God in any religion equates to Love, it’s only the failures of man himself that allows for ego, pomp, greed, and all the rest which doesn’t resonate well. The litmus test is if you are shipwrecked on a desert island, no special foods, clothes, no religious books, how are we placed then with God. The answer to that is we are placed in an ideal situation if we have real faith as we have nothing to distract us from our commune and direct correspondence with God himself. If any religion has “get out clauses” i.e. if you are this then you are absolved, if you are that then it’s OK not to do it, and so it goes on, then your religion stinks to high heaven as it’s all made up to encompass failure at any cost. Whereas a true and real religion (God not man-made) will have a conduit open to you 24/7 regardless and with no conditions whatsoever, so anyone can commune with God, full stop, end of story. And as for the “showmanship” of religion, the glitz and glamour and security, does anyone really want to associate with someone who represents their religion or God who is not safe and is taking away funds from helping people just to promote themselves? The only way you can get to God is via the Love conduit, nothing else. You can learn your religious book in 96 different languages but it will not matter one bit. Having a degree in mechanical engineering will not make you a better driver. What do you think God thinks of you based upon what you do?

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