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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We all have aspirations in life, some are rather grand and even far-fetched, others may be somewhat more timid and belay our own abilities is getting the best of what’s on offer and utilising our own talents and knowledge. Most people undervalue themselves in life because they have picked up on what others have said or commented on, and as such have taken such comments to heart. However the bottom line is we walk our own pathway no one else, it’s us who thinks and feels and assimilates life no matter who is around us or the conditions in which we live seem or appear to dictate otherwise.

Life doesn’t let us down even if it doesn’t go our way, life is inert in as much it’s far better things to think of and do than include us, life goes its own way, it has done for millions of years and will continue to do so after we have all been dead and buried for even more millions of years. With that in mind we have to make the best of what’s available and whom we are right now, because if we don’t then we are going to fore-go what life we have got left and never fulfil that ‘happiness trail’ within us, that ‘happiness trail’ that’s always there.

Our views on life are thus so important, and life for the thick n’ stupid will always be one of what others have got and never about what they have achieved, which doesn’t mean that many earning large amounts of money have intelligence one only has to look at footballers and celebrities in general to see that. But for everyone in life “happiness” and a degree of accomplishment no matter at what magnitude is essential.  Our mental health is paramount to securing stability and with stability we have clarity of vision and clarity of decision too, with clarity we have purpose and overall compassion and enhanced degrees of wisdom, something that’s so precious that money can’t name a price for it.

How we view life and live it regardless of the trappings around us makes the road either bumpy or smooth, but it’s us that views life for what it is, not reacting to conditions or circumstances, and that’s where many fall down and often can’t even let go of their past life to move forwards on to where they are going to end up. Thus many drag their old life with them as an excuse so if failure looms large they can always latch on to the past as an excuse, it’s pathetic but many do such things.

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