Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

There’s a lot of talk currently about evolution, and life itself as religion can’t tell you much as it is man made, God isn’t. No one created God but man created religion so after a time it all wears a bit thin, and with our rapid development into science the more we learn the more everyone seems to want to know where it all started. There are exponents dotted around the globe who like Richard Dawkins are full of their own excrement when it comes to their take on the Disney style theories of pre- “big bang” evolution, but they haven’t cracked where it ALL began, not just wax lyrical about second base but pure origin. We can pinpoint endless and worthy breakthroughs in science and technology but Dawkins and his crony peers who have contributed to nothing in life other than their take on it, can’t hand on heart say where it all came from, and as none believers they are only on planet earth for a short while – as they firmly believe they are an evolutionary mistake, so when they die that’s it, and probably for the best too. As for the others well the bigger picture holds what scientists can’t and don’t grasp, so to them death is not the final stop. Even some of the “others” unfortunately won’t be going anywhere as they are worshiping a man made facade entitled God, (their version of God) but as it’s full of the opposite of love (hatred) then the devil awaits their demise to fuel his endless fires, all sooner than later one hopes.

The media however loves controversy, it’s what makes it tick, it’s what fuels their thirst for negativity an almost desperate drug like dependence to furnish their output with anything that has a hint of the macabre and of course sells, selling becoming more important that truth, love and the love of fellow man. One of the aspects of man currently is its lack of ‘mind power’ and of course love, love being the corner stone of mankind, even Dawkins needs degrees of that to keep life somewhat sane, worthwhile and meaningful, for if everyone deserted him life would not be so pleasant and gross instability would ensue. Without love the human condition would turn to be a society of drones, mental health would be a far bigger issue than it is today, and that too is on the rise alarmingly. Of course the mind is incredibly powerful and we don’t need scientists to prove anything to believe that, nor do we need them to say God looks after everyone on the planet, as the answer is NO HE DOESN’T, where did you get that notion from (It’s not in the bible or any other religious books – just an athiest constuct). The conduit to God is belief and love, and over 85 percent of the global population don’t have either in any significan’t quantities to exercise their ability to commune with Him, so bang goes that theory of “Why didn’t he stop the air crash” or “the mental Muslim terrorist plots” and the like. For those who have seen and understand the concept of God and not some parrot fashion prose churned out by lunatics who call themselves preachers, imams or rabbis (none have a direc line to God) or whatever their version is titled, then most religions will produce defacto failures in the God concept. 

The enormity of space and the space time continuum still remains a mystery despite various hypothesis to the rescue. Where does it all start, where do the fractals finish, and if we are mistakes in life what’s the purpose and what’s the point, and why is it that the human condition at large cares for others, when their life cycle is so transient. Why do we have to endure evil and opressive religions when man is supposedly love based, and why are atheists and agnostics becoming so vociferous about preaching about nothing, is there something missing in their little brain cells. Much of what science is finding or proving with degrees of credibility with were posted hundreds of years ago, but at that time scientists hadn’t the ability to scientifically measure what was required to prove the theories. The mind is still a place of undiscovered potential even though biologically and metaphysically much can be measured and detected and monitored today, even with almost predictable success. The deep inner thoughts that we have are our amazing strengths and amazing abilities over and above pedestrian thought. It’s the general belief that if “we can’t” we can’t, but to the enlightened who transcend many platforms and divisions in life, ability and mind ability is incredibly powerful. Today’s ‘farming out’ or almost sub contracting elements of self thought with the belief that others can ‘do it better’ only renders the mind to a more inept stage of uselessness and devised thought, all of which has nothing to do with getting help or assistance.      

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