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Thursday, August 19th, 2010

It’s somewhat strange that the arch enemy of Islam, America, as is preached the world over in Mosques, is when something of a catastrophe takes place as recently in Pakistan the USA is almost the first to offer real aid with regards tangible assistance covering a wide range of product areas such as food stuffs and hardware like helicopters and ground support. America did this many years ago too when there were earthquakes in Iran and sent rice and corn in bags labelled USA. These were not acceptable as the pride of such pathetic Arabs couldn’t’ be seen to receive help from the great arch evilness of the world America. So the grains were re-bagged in Dubai but this time sold on for local profit, so much for honesty, and this type of business happens a lot. And where are the resources from Saudi Arabia – their armed forces and hardware – they can afford it, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia the global Muslim brotherhood, where are the gift pledges of millions of Dollars to help support their starving cousins, like those in the Islamic nusance Darfur, of course there will be some funds, it’s a must for ego if nothing else but it’s all so low key, pay someone else to do it, there’s no kudos in doing it yourself. Islamic nations are experts at criticising and asking for things but not so hot at giving anything one of the reasons is that most of them are backward themselves such is the retardant value of Islam on it’s followers. Even in the West get a small conurbation of Muslims living together and it immediately becomes a ghetto, it reduces it’s value and even starts to look “third world” and once that appearance takes a hold no one wants to go there, and then the rot sets it. Where people live gives rise to the local mentality and that mentality is crucial to either making something out of life or just living in a static and backward environment. We’ve had years of council estates proving just that. Then almost automatically there is this incessant whinging which Muslims seem to possess that they are badly treated, need support, and so on, the same picture throughout the whole of Europe, they just can’t seem to make a go of it, where this ambivalent retardant nature permanently holds the majority back from engaging in progressive life, it’s all tainted with restrictions and they live upon what others (non Muslims) have done years before.  Just go yourself to any European country and see where Muslims live and see first hand the state of the area, don’t take others words, look at it yourself as it is.

With the floods in Pakistan aid was slow in coming forward, even though it was relatively substantial, one of the reasons being that Pakistan like other Islamic countries has a very bad image. It’s 2010 and still millions are living like peasants, there is a total distrust in almost anything Islamic or connected with it. The last earthquakes in Pakistan where goodness knows how many trucks left Europe laden with goods of foodstuffs, clothes, cooking utensils, etc, much of which never reached their destinations. And when one sees the mentality of the millions of peasants living as they do cocooned in a subservient and narrow time warp of a world reacting violently to everything and anything and never ever accepting responsibility or blame, such is their endemic mentality then one has the answers. Where every-time a mere mention of anti Islam or whatever and the genetically subnormal populous are out on the streets burning effigies of someone, setting fire to the American flag (almost mandatory now) throwing a few cars on fire and shouting and screaming like some hysterical showgirls with eyes bulging out of their heads as if to explode.  And like all youths in such countries their only claim to anything of a professional nature is to throw stones. Almost a daily ritual in the West Bank, straight out from the Mosque praying for goodness knows what and let’s throw a few stones at the Israelis all very intellectual and civilised.

Even the UN has stated that Islamic countries are almost bottom in human rights, education and giving to the world, the majority taking from it. And as for the oil rich, it’s their resources that have given them wealth rather than personal creative ingenuity. Where today apprehension exists with anyone with an Islamic name comes from the fact that terrorism is almost exclusively Islamic, and that indiscriminate killing goes with the territory. That the Islamic councils keep saying that all the Muslims that do evil are not a representation of Islam, but it’s getting to the stage that it is and it’s getting worse, and there’s lots of unrest more than any other religion or organisation on the planet. Even the government in Saudi Arabia is legally looking to denigrate humanity as a revengeful act via the courts, which God do these bloody idiots worship?Listening to the same excuses and the diatribe that organisations such as the Islamic Council Of Great Britain put out voluntarily as they have no remit other than that of their own becomes dull and boring and almost smacks of failures in desperation. And as if there is such a thing that they are all God’s rejects themselves having to defend what shouldn’t have to be defended because if their doctrine runs true then love outshines, but Islamic  love is only conditional (try telling your parents you’re gay or you are to marry a Jew), and freedom is a word which makes them shiver and go cold. If these people spoke about democracy in Saudi Arabia or Iran they would be toast by now, but abusing your host country is all fair game. One would like to interview them in public in front of a lie detector, either side being allowed to say or ask as they feel and actually get some truths out of them pertaining to all aspects of Islam and failure and terrorism and see what they actually have to say, not hiding behind smart words. If truth persists then there is nothing to hide.

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