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Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

We often think about problems arising such as health, wealth, illness, relationships, family and friends, work, etc, the list can go on and on and in our own way we have ways of dealing with such events or not as the case maybe with some people. Whatever problems arise it’s how we deal with them that is how we are going to cope with them. Some people are very good at getting to grips straight away with what needs to be done regardless of the enormity that may arise, whilst others may ponder and procrastinate until events themselves force the issue to be dealt with almost by default. And then there are those almost immediately who go into panic mode and seek help from all and sundry regardless of it’s validity and pertinence and then just struggle through the bumpy road ahead.

Our life is lived within our minds, nowhere else does it exist, everything we do or think of or don’t think of stems from our own thoughts. There are too those who follow others like lemmings, it’s their decision to follow, so whatever the result is they have been somewhere down the line a prime instigator of how they will have dealt with the issues at hand. Our self esteem, cultural disposition, way of life etc will have at times quite profound effects upon how we look at life and how well we do, and indeed how life treats us too. Our attitude is formulated within our mind, what we wear, what we eat, how we speak, our aptitudes lie there too and our abilities, the decisions we make to be honest or dishonest rest there, how we view life and our partners and our children and our homes, how we drive our cars, every single thing no matter how small comers from our mind. All this talk about “well they made me do it” or “well I got angry I couldn’t help it” is rubbish, you allowed your ego, or greed, or arrogance or anger, or avariciousness or jealousy to creep in to the mind talk and influence your decisions, and you allowed it to happen.

We are not all equal in life, and there’s no reason why we should be, we are born into a world which is not fair but it’s not actually stacked up against us either, degrees of fairness are introduced by man himself on a morality and humanitarian level, but over and above that fairness is just another word in the dictionary. Some seemingly do well in life whereas others appear to struggle, but if one was to analyse the lives of such individuals there would be a relatively clear definition and distinction between those that do and those that don’t. And whilst it’s good to think, thinking doesn’t do anything ever without a deed attached to it, so being wise doesn’t necessarily produce any benefits unless it can be put to work. Our fears and inhibitions come from within, our reticence and resilience come from within, our drive and levels of satisfaction are composed within and we adhere at times to our ‘mind setup’ as if it’s etched in stone. But like any computer if we don’t allow updates and modify our thinking we by our own hand hold ourselves back based upon backward thinking. Islam is a point in question although many Muslims would not acknowledge such but look at Islam and the other religions and those that work in world industries and see whose who?  If we don’t allow ourselves to accept the here and now and hold ourselves back based upon fear and uncertainty then our own retribution will be a point to forever reckon with.

We always need to look at the bigger picture too, some cultures are almost emotionally based and logic is the second line of thought, again look towards the Middle Eastern countries forever out in the streets, shouting, firing guns, throwing stones, burning the American flag, it’s pathetic, but it’s a defunct culture that prevails and the outward signs of growth are made only by a few who have evolved, whereas the masses live sheltered in an historical time warp. But regardless of whom we are and where we are we need to face life full on, hysteria only helps one lose the plot and produces frustration and apathy for those trying to help. In the end those that require benefit often lose out because no one has confidence in their abilities and thoughts and base line understanding to go forward on a positive note, often just waiting for the next outburst to happen, for example the West Bank in the Middle East, it’s a deja vu situation and based upon emotions not humanitarian logic even though that’s used as a tactic, it’s all hollow bravado.  

If we give our thoughts away, admonish personal responsibility, not face the facts no matter how hard they may be then we will always see life ahead as an obstacle, if we do our best and at times that may be not good enough but provided its done with good heart we will pull through, we don’t need miracles in life no matter how warranted they may be, we can do it at a lesser level provided it comes from a good place and not some emotionally created scenario that’s selfish and trite and often covers up evil intent.

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